It’s almost certainly far worse for Charles III in Scotland

From Alba on 30 December 2022:

In a poll carried out on behalf of the party by Panelbase, only 45% of those responding after don’t knows were excluded said they wanted to keep King Charles as Scotland’s Head of State. In contrast 55% say they want to see an independent Scotland become a republic with an elected Head of State.

Alba have chosen to ignore the don’t knows and not tell us how many there were, because they want to hammer home the notion of a majority for dumping the huffy one. It’s a legitimate ploy but, maybe in this case, it would be better to be more open.

In March 2021, JL Partners found 52% of Scots agreeing that the monarchy should be abolished 28% disagreeing and 20% not knowing. I like to focus on that ‘only 28%’ caring enough to say no.

You can’t be sure what the don’t knows would prefer if pushed and so, typically, you take them out before recalculating. However, there is a case for saying that they’ve been asked a fairly specific question about an issue of some significance and that a ‘don’t know’ is pretty damning response for the King.

So, maybe, it’s 70% of Scots actively oppose or don’t care about having a King Charles III?


11 thoughts on “It’s almost certainly far worse for Charles III in Scotland

  1. The Windsors. —
    All born in England.
    All resident in England.
    All whose titles are relevant only to English history.
    All for generations described as “Queen/King of England”.

    Betty or Charlie could have stated at any point–“I would be honoured to be Monarch of an independent Scotland”.
    They never did and never will.
    End of debate.

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  2. A bit a volte face for the AS party as retaining the monarchy post Indy was policy when AS led the SNP.
    I’ve responded to this poll elsewhere but it’s worth repeating here and also worth reminding people that binning the monarchy before the the dust settled on the Indy settlement suits England a lot better than it suits Scotland. Scotland must leave this union as the ancient Kingdom of Scotland to regain lost seas and maintain its current territorial integrity, much of the the reparation due to Scotland is linked to the misuse and obfuscation of how the crown works in Scotland. The same applies to currency, the pound Sterling belongs to Scotland because we are part owners of the BOE, and far from the the much publicised trope of Scotland’s finances being controlled by Westminster, it is westminster that is concerned about the influence the Scottish Treasury will have on the English Treasury.
    This year will see a considerable escalation in attacks on the Monarchy, Scotland’s currency and our constitutional position in the union.

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  3. Happy New Year to you and your family John and all who come on here to hear the truth long may it continue.

    A Republic would do me I note with interest Croatia is fully integrated into the EU not sure about the EURO but it would be nice to see the headline for Scotland.

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  4. Let’s see how many ”Don’t Knows” there are when we are inundated with the 24 /7 mediafest run up to the coronation , and the associated cost for a ”nation” on-its-knees due to the cost of living crisis .
    Many , many people can’t heat AND eat but are supposed to savour the warm cosy feelings of being part of a Ruritanian carnival in a faraway land at outrageous cost to the public purse .
    The Poor can feed their little ones on the afterglow of satisfaction knowing that one of the richest families who ever existed have raided the nation’s coffers to cement their family’s place as the most corrupt and dysfunctional in the Kingdom of Englandshire .
    ”Long live Il Capo di tutti capi !”

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  5. First off a very happy New Year to yourself John and your wife and family…
    Off Topic but interesting – The BBC in Scotland or the Scotland Office are so desperate to gain some propaganda advantage going into 2023 that they labelled “Solicitor General Frank Mulholland KC” as opposed to QC as he would be in 2007, but seriously why now 16 years later does this become a story ?
    It’s number one promo on the Scotland web-page with Philip Sim’s “What could 2023 hold for Scottish politics?” pastiche prime on the Scotland/Politics page, neither of which make an ounce of sense nor could.
    I’ve no doubt HMS James Cook know what they’re tasked with obscuring to Scots with regards to “news”, after all, that is their job.

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  6. Dunblane, Lockerbie and Iraq. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years. Westminster secrecy and lies. Challenged by the Internet. 1990s. Information can be challenged and exchanged,


  7. If you want a good giggle, read this desperate and contrived tripe from ACH-him, it must be a slow day at the National…
    I mean seriously, 8 years and 9 months totalled to get a big number the usual stunt – Out of over 76,650 ambulance call-centre hours, the LibDems think 1,710 hours should worry the public that SG is not doing enough…🤣


    1. Bob, what annoys me about that us that The National didn’t even take the trouble to include reference to the 76,650 total hours or that 1,710 is a mere 2.23% unlike a proper statistician like oor Prof John Robertson would

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      1. Precisely. The National is quite rightly IMHO concerned with it’s commercial viability but is making big mistakes by simply copying drivel from such as ACH-him and quoting “what they said v what they said” without taking an independent view – It’s bluntly lazy journalism..

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