Lib Dem Leader confuses GP crisis in Hertfordshire with none in Scotland

Back in 2019, Scottish Lib Dem leader, Alex Cole-Hamilton, proudly reported saving his daughter’s life with a series of back-slaps to clear a blockage, so he knows a bit about DYI medicine or self-medicating, and self-promotion too.

Today, he’s in the Scotsman saying:

…treating themselves.

Cole-Hamilton was born in Hertfordshire on the Northern edge of Greater London. The big town there is Watford.

Also today, in the Watford Observer:

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said “This is a national scandal. Face-to-face GP appointments have become almost extinct in some areas of the country,” he said.

“We now have the devastating situation where people are left treating themselves or even self-prescribing medication because they can’t see their local GP.

What is self-prescribing medication? Paracetamol? Haven’t we always done that? He knows you can’t self-prescribe prescription-only meds?

Has ACH checked the situation in Scotland? Has he tried searching for ‘Scotland self-medicating‘? I have. Just the same Scotsman report.

The local health trust in Hertfordshire is also in a real crisis, managing to see only 39% of admissions in in 4 hours.

Sad? Not too bright? Untrustworthy? All three?


9 thoughts on “Lib Dem Leader confuses GP crisis in Hertfordshire with none in Scotland

  1. HNY

    You would expect greater take-up of self-medication in England where a prescription would cost a fortune. Why would we here? Blocked LibDem Branch Leader ages ago following his misogynistic attack on my MSP.


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    1. Also in Scotland many pharmacies are community pharmacies therefore they can prescribe antibiotics for a range of conditions without you needing to go to their GP. I have used this system successfully a couple of times – eye infections – which meant I did not need to go anywhere near my GP.


  2. Cault-Ham spam rap:—

    Ma’ AirBnB I gotta’ freeze de rent.
    I fink oil move back dann to Kent.
    My welcome in Embra’ bein’ nearly spent.
    Ma’ public ratings in deep descent.
    Wading boots made of thick cement.
    Wee Wullie causin’ deep dissent.
    In ma party, ma boys. ma regiment!
    So am finking al fold up ma tent,

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      1. Does Sir Ed Davey do Alex Cole-Hamilton’s thinking for him or is Cole-Hamilton’s ‘quote’ in the Scotsman simply a case of plagiarism on his part?


        1. Group-think, maybe.
          If they all say exactly the same p!sh, then it give the ‘impression’ of coherence. But its still just p!sh!

          As long as they don’t follow the example of Wee Wullie and try to mount a sheep, then the children can sleep safe at night.

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  3. It’s also depressing that ACH (and others) don’t see that they are playing into the Tory hands. By focusing on all these headline grabbing statements without any real analysis or investigation they are helping to magnify the sense of the NHS failing and this will let the Tories step in with private health solutions. I don’t think we’ve moved on from Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnston’s strategy of creating chaos, keep people focused on non essential arguments, throw one disruption after another into the mix and leave the electorate ready to accept any old shit just to try to make it all stop. Opposition parties including the SNP are being forced to react and defend rather than the opposing ideologies being thrashed out in public – do we want higher taxes and good public services for all or a free for all world where the richest thrive

    Many Tories MPs use and/or have links with private health care – they won’t fight to “save” the NHS by making sure it is adequately funded. Who cares if nurses and other NHS staff strike, the NHS is for little people who need to take responsibility for their own needs, The same goes for schools, public transport, childcare and care oi the elderly – just lower taxes and let people pay for their own decisions. If you can’t you’re obviously not trying hard enough so tough, in fact I’m surprised JTM hasn’t suggested we bring back workhouses. Every time Douglas Ross brings up the NHS issues in Scotland he should be challenged to explain and justify tory policy and what he believes is the way forward.

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