A sign of the Times in the UK and in Scotland

A health report politicised in the Times (Scotland) with an ‘SNP policy vacuum’, ‘SNP ministers’, ‘SNP ministers’, again, and ‘SNP free-prescription policy.

In the big UK Times, far greater drama as A&E delays apparently kill 500 every week, but there’s no mention of the party of government, the Conservatives, just that ‘ministers’ hope that public support for the unions will ‘erode.’ Imagine if the SNP were revealed to hold the same hope in Scotland.

Nothing more clearly illustrates the full force of bias against the SNP and the wider movement for independence than this naked contrast in the coverage of public services.


3 thoughts on “A sign of the Times in the UK and in Scotland

  1. The English establishment have always regarded Scots who oppose them as being rebels,to be crushed.
    The propaganda is relentless and the only surprise is that so many Scots have not succumbed to it.
    Long may that continue.
    Thank you John.

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  2. This is an imperial and colonial newspaper which TYPICALLY “employs” (deploys more like) tame House-Jocks for their forays into ethnic guilt-tripping propaganda.

    From the journalistic school of Goebbels.

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  3. £15Billion + social care is spent on the Healthcare system in Scotland. An excellent service where acute, emergency is prioritised. The Covid pandemic was mismanaged by Westminster to concentrate on Brexit. Brexit a disaster that has lost much needed healthcare workers. Or UK personel who gave gobe overseas. Leading to an acute shortage of essential workers.

    Westmibster cut Heajthcare funding £20Billion from 2015/20. Cut Geajthcare funding £20Billion. Instead of increasing it as appropriate,. A higher older population ratio.
    Westminster Gov have spent £270Billion on Covid funding. £370Billion over a lifetime. UK Gov Accounts 2019/20. Published on the Internet June 2022. There is no doubt Scotland did not receive £27Billion for parity. The Westmibster Gov spending monies, not spent in Scotland, but Scottish funds will have to pay off any deficit.

    The Westmibster Gov is spending £13Billion on decommissions Nuclear a year for 10 years, but plans to build more. The waste is being flown all around the world. At inappropriate expense. The Westminster Gov is funding HS2, Hinkley Point, Nuclear etc. Instead of funding th3 NHS properly and killing people. Lif3 expectancy in the South going down.

    The misuse of Scottish revenues and resources by Westmibster poor, bad decisions. Instead of Westminster funding essential services properly.

    Scotland has to mitigate all Westminster destructive policies. Without being able to use Scottish resources and revenues appropriately. Investing and more improvement in the SNHS because if Westmibster poor bad decision with Scottish revenues and resources,

    Independent Scotland would have even better healthcare, education and welfare. The best in the world, without Westmibster poor, bad decision on growth and the Scottish economy. Devolution does not hold enough powers but holds Scotland back from achieving a more equal prosoerous and happy society.

    Westminster spent £918Billion a year. Scotland did not get an equal share for parity in anyway shape or form. UK raised £815Billion. The deficient disparity of Westminster Gov that needs change and reform. Vote SNP+ and vote for Ibdependence to even things up and not get left behind, as usual. Westminster Secrets and lies. Found out to conclusion,


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