Just a sub-poll but pro-Indy parties at 68%

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On it’s own, unreliable but as one of 15 out of 20 recently putting UK Labour at 40-50% while Scottish Labour lag behind at half that, this one from People Polling has them at 18% compared to 45% for UK Labour.

It puts the SNP at 62% and the Greens at 6% with the Cons at 4% behind the Lib Dems at 5%.

On Christmas Eve, the same pollster had UK Labour at 46%, Scottish Labour at 24% and the SNP at 55%


5 thoughts on “Just a sub-poll but pro-Indy parties at 68%

  1. Tories on 4%. That will get rid of a lot of them. People who support I dependence need to get out and vote. Every election. Local/Council, Holyrood, GE. To achieve Independence. Get out and vote for it. Vote SNP/SNP every election with a higher turnout.

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    1. Indeed Gordon. This is the reason that, on balance, I would support a WM plebiscite election over HR, because WM always gets a higher turnout (why that is mystifies me a bit, its a wonder we bother to vote at all, but thats another discussion….)

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    2. that is an understatement. I put the whole lot into Electoral Calculus, which forecast with the numbers cited that the Tories would be reduced – IN THE UK – to 8 (EIGHT) seats. HM Opposition would be the SNP with 57. What a laugh that would be!
      On the other hand, EC also suggests that there would be as many as 143 “others”, not including such as the Greens or Reform UK. Hard to see that in reality, though there is the possibility that if 58 of them could suddenly find common cause and create a parliamentary party, it would get the SNP out of HM Opposition.
      But the serious message – and one you will see hammered home in the papers tomorrow and Sunday – is that there’s not going to be a General Election this coming year. In fact not until there has to be one.

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      1. I think “King” Charlie would rather have Boris back, as allow an election within the year.
        I suspect most Tory MP’s would as well.

        But wouldn’t that be an absolute DELIGHT for Scotland?
        What would the “Scorrish” Tories do then?
        How about Shir Keir and Anas, their bubble totally popped by the blonde populist scoundrel.

        The Indy movement would be as happy as happy gets!


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