Dr Ibrahim’s pythonesque intelligence

Dr Azeem Ibrahim, Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Director at the Center for Global Policy in Washington and Advisory Council Member for the anti-independence group SBUK


“If you think old England’s done”!

Monty Pythons flying (“expert”) circus is back in town.

Perhaps Dr Ibrahim hasn’t noticed the shrinking of Scotland’s regiments over the decades–the lack of sea-born cover of Scotland’s coastline–the closing down of Scottish air bases.

But when Scotland regains its independence it should be entitled to fixed assets and a share of other assets.
That would include Faslane/Coulport and all that is contained within–even though Scotland does not wish them, they are one almighty bargaining chip.

I would lease the nuke bases for a decade to allow Greater England to build new facilities. Another “expert” asserted new bases would be “almost impossible” to build (’cause no sane community would want them).

There is also a ludicrous what aboot King Charlie thing in the herald.
A. Independence bad for the monarchy, but….
B. Monarchy should stand back during debate in case he looks “English”, but…
C. Monarchy should prevent Indy, but…
D. 14 other Royal foreign bits, but…
C OK if they become republics because “it would lessen the workload”, but…
E. Bad if Scotland becomes a Republic??????
And old Queenie only did a wee bit of interfering…REALLY?


2 thoughts on “Dr Ibrahim’s pythonesque intelligence

  1. gavinochiltree,

    Yes I noticed the Express Dr Ibrahim write up on how the Scottish military personal and facilities all belong to Westminster etc.

    While the comments on such articles are usually extreme vitriol from the “How dare Scotland / SNP / Sturgeon” brigade, however, this time, there seemed to fair number of comments on just how ridiculous the Express had become to print this rubbish.

    As for the Herald, great to see it upping its game. 🙂 It might last until Easter.

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  2. If this guy is ”an expert” – Gawd help us !
    Hope he is never asked about nuclear retaliation – or how to tie his shoe laces !


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