Herald’s Mark Smith does a Ross Kemp and gets out of Holyrood before a few elderly feminists ‘kick off’ and thrust their merkins at him

From the Herald’s Mark Smith today showing all the hardness of a former Eastenders actor writes:

SO this is it. There’s just a few hours to go before the Gender Recognition Act becomes law and there’s a crowd outside the Scottish Parliament singing and chanting and cheering and jeering and I’m right in the middle of it – the banners and placards and angry faces – wondering how we got here and what happens next. I’m worried, I have to say.


Was he scared one of them might shove her merkin in his face?

Much as they would have loved to see it, Scotland’s media have reported no violence, no arrests. The best they had was two women escorted out for wearing scarves with the wrong colours (green white and purple) and another for shouting, confusedly, ‘up yours’, while not exposing herself but wearing a very big merkin.

Come on Mark! Toughen up!


7 thoughts on “Herald’s Mark Smith does a Ross Kemp and gets out of Holyrood before a few elderly feminists ‘kick off’ and thrust their merkins at him

  1. I was more taken by his sheer hypocrisy in “wondering how we got here”, as if it was NOT Scotland’s media front and centre stoking the arguments….

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    1. But it was “—-NOT Scotland’s media”.
      Scotland does not have a media which can give independent, authentic information to the Scottish public.

      Scotland has a colonial, imperial gaslighting service, seeing everything through Union Jack glasses.

      You would search the media that operates in Scotland for the lived experience of countries which have passed gender legislation–but in vein. What you get is Jack McConnell, or Mark Smith or any of the dozens of”experts” whose views vary with the Scotland/England border.

      The Scottish Toadies were in favour of gender legislation when run by Ruthie–then the exact opposite under DRossie.
      “Vote with your conscience” cry the gutter press—but these clowns don’t possess a conscience.

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  2. Off topic prof but get ready for bad news about homelessness in England. Today we had an onslaught of features on t.v. On the massive problems facing Scotland and how hundreds were going to die. These features, I have observed, usually presage bad news from England.

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  3. Re tbe transgender debate, I’d like to recommend a book for anyone who like me does not totally understand what the issues involve. Jodi Picoult’s book Mad Honey is a novel which explores what transgender means and how it impacts on lives very clearly and without the heat or emotion we’ve had in the run up to this legislation in Scotland. Its fiction, and may not present all the facts or research but, because it puts things into the context of actual people’s lives, I felt I understood better the very human experience of living as a transgender person. Its not preachy, just a good story that looks at life as it is for people of all types

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  4. Maybe Mark was confused and thought he was reporting from a war zone. It’s not journalism that he and his pals in the so called media practice, it’s sheer blatant propaganda. Disgraceful and an insult to the many real journalists many of whom are seriously persecuted across the globe.


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