Lib Dems ‘bounce back?’ They haven’t even gained from the Tory collapse

After a year in the cockpit of his four-seater biplane, ACH has engineered a ‘bounce back’ from their Holyrood election ‘blow.’

Evidence? As much as there has been for Sarwar’s Scottish Labour recovery:

6.9% in the May 2021, election. 7 or 8% recently as the Cons collapse but they switch to Starwar Labour. Lib Dems bypassed by disgruntled Cons finding comfort in Labour well to the right of the SNP? What a slap for the frankly creepy ACH?


One thought on “Lib Dems ‘bounce back?’ They haven’t even gained from the Tory collapse

  1. Desperate times when the mejah are forced to try to BIG up the belly-crawlers.

    Bad enough when it was Wee Wullie, then worse when it was Cauld-Ham, but now its spam.
    Spam, spam, spam, spam….spammy spam spam spam!
    “Go home and prepare for govern……….erm…. the obits”.

    Jo Grimond must be laughing at these clowns through gritted teeth.

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