97% of ‘top’ psychiatric roles being carried out by somebody qualified to do it

For the second day running the Herald gives the Scottish Lib Dumbs a platform to show just how liberal and dumb they can be with the facts.

Yesterday, like a well-past-it boxer ACH claimed they were making a come back, the facts, no recovery in the polls despite the collapse of the Cons.

Today, we read, barely able to keep a straight face:

SCOTLAND is facing a “sharp crisis in mental health staffing”, the Lib Dems have claimed, as new figures obtained by the party revealed more than a quarter of senior posts have not been permanently filled.

Freedom of information requests to health boards showed that of 674 full-time equivalent (FTE) consultant psychiatrist posts, 103 were vacant.

Meanwhile 82.5 FTE roles were being filled by locum members of staff – with Lib Dems claiming this meant 27 per cent of positions did not have a permanent staff member in place.


So, 82.5 of the 103 vacant posts actually have someone doing the work? So, only 3.04% are completely unfilled. So, 97% are being carried out.

82.5 FTE are not on permanent contracts? Because, though with the necessary professional qualifications, they have not yet ‘passed’ a review of competence? Do the Lib Dumb not want that kind of quality control.

And, ‘27 per cent of positions did not have a permanent staff member in place‘ 103 is 27% of 674? We think not. It’s only 15.3%.


3 thoughts on “97% of ‘top’ psychiatric roles being carried out by somebody qualified to do it

  1. The ConDems cut NHS funding. Cut Education £6Billion ayear. Cut welfare £18Nillion. Supported austerity. Made a reneged upon vow. The LibDem are part of the problem. Clegg now head of facebook Europe illegally raking in the £Millions. Tax evading and breaking International Law. Gerrymandering. Breaking election Law.. Cambridge Analytica scandal. and Brexit. Supporting Austerity. The LibDem-Tory unionist mess. A complete and utter scandal. .

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  2. C. Hamilton can ‘claim’ all he likes, we can all claim some grievance but it doesn’t make it fact. Sick of these people undermining our health services, when the Scottish government are working with hands tied, to keep the SNHS running and functioning well against massive odds due to the country next door holding the wallet.

    Due to the UK becoming a nasty far right dictatorship. There will be many more people needing mental health support, especially our young people, who are, unless rich, locked into a backward, dysfunctional, hugely unequal, low wage no rights system, which is almost impossible to escape from. Terrifying.


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