Santa disappoints Scottish Labour at 24% Cons 7% SNP 55%

In yet another sub-poll, Scottish Labour lag behind UK Labour at 24% compared to 46%. The Cons just beat the Lib Dumbs at 7% to 4%. The SNP come in at only 55%!*.12

This makes around 13 out of 17 sub-polls telling us that Scottish Labour’s appeal is half as strong as UK Labour. See:


6 thoughts on “Santa disappoints Scottish Labour at 24% Cons 7% SNP 55%

  1. More good news just before Christmas.
    A happy Christmas to you and your kin prof.
    Keep up the good fight, you’re a gem to the independence cause.
    I may not comment all the time as I’m not that good with words but I’m with you all the way and read your blog every day.

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  2. Wow ! Just imagine if Scottish ( sic ) Labour did NOT have a leader (? ) who was voted The Herald’s Politician of the Year making all the big calls !
    I wonder what Anas’ New Year resolution will be ?
    Must get new policies or suck up Starmer’s Anas even more ?


  3. People who suppor5 Independence need to ge5 out and vote everyelection. To get rid of the opposition. Vote at every election. Local council, Holyrood, GE. A higher Indepence support vote to achieve it. Instead of sitting on the sidelines complaining. Vote SNP. Vote for Independence every election. They will be no one to opposite. People who support Ibdependence need to vote for it. Every election. Get out and vote. Take another supporter as well. A higher turnout every election will achieve it. Use it or lose it. Instead of some blaming every one else. They need to vote as well. Vote SNP and Vote for Independence. In higher numbers according to the polls.


  4. The only way Labour in Scotland will regain some of it’s lost support will be for them to come out for independence.
    However,head office won’t let them do that and that is the root of their problems.
    They are left chasing the diminishing pool of unionist voters who cannot bring themselves to vote Tory but continue to delude themselves that England will elect a socialist government at some future date.
    Dream on.


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