Two more polls confirming Scottish Labour lagging behind lead to call for a new leader

From People Polling on 7 December, UK Labour at 47% but Scottish Labour at only 24% with SNP at 54%

From YouGov on 14/15 December, UK Labour at 48% but Scottish Labour at 27% and SNP at 46%.

Other recent polls have no ‘regional’ breakdown.

Two weeks ago, I could write:

Regular readers will now have seen reports here of more than 10 sub-polls with 80% suggesting the same thing. Scottish Labour’s reported resurgence is a media myth and wishful thinking by media supporters of Anas Sarwar’s rightist, Starmerite, politics.

You can add another two today. Time for a Scottish Labour leader challenge – Ruth Davidson?



13 thoughts on “Two more polls confirming Scottish Labour lagging behind lead to call for a new leader

  1. Reportedly, the Baroness-Colonel Ruthie couldn’t be arsed to hold constituency meetings.
    This would make her a shoo-in to “lead” the Scorrish (sic) Labour party.
    And she could team up with her old buddy, Union Jock Murray.
    Two London Lovies in tandem, tho’ who would do the peddling?

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    1. Both….
      The pedalo would be powered by minimum wage contributors to the pecking order required only to steer clear of the bombardment from the shore per SubLt Bowie’s advice on navigation, one of the Navy’s finest discharges despite the crew’s disappointment it did not involve munitions.
      As to the terri-towel Baroness-Colonel Ruth, 🤣 to paraphrase, “the officer was ardently followed only due to sheer curiosity…”

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  2. Labour in Scotland are all but finished. Sarwar is right wing, anti SNP, anti democratic and is under instruction from his masters in London. Labour/Con party is just not what Scolland wants, or needs, or is prepared to put up with. The cost of greed crisis is leaving many people in dire circumstances and most people in Scotland know it’s due to UK/English government long term startegy of austerity on the poorest and most vulnerable. Sarwar’s Labour HQ’d in London are saying very little to oppose that assault on the poor, and the austerity assault on workers who are facing a starvation winter.

    Given that so many people in Scotland are pro EU and did not vote to be taken out of the EU, and who know that in 2014 Labour/Tory party lied through their teeth about that, (we all knew they would hold a Brexit ref and what the consequences would be) Labour being a BREXIT party, is just the nail in the coffin for them in Scotland. Only reason it’s not so in England, is because the people have no other choice and so they ignore the fact that Labour are now very much a conservative, insular British isolationalist, economy destroying, worker and human rights destroying party.

    Scotland needs to escape the ‘Uk’ before the next door country dismantles Holyrood, I reckon they will try to do that, in some shape or form. Run for your lives Scotland!

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    1. Scuse the typos, our grumpy and now temporarily captive, (indoor) cat, cries are a distraction because I will not allow him out when it’s freezing cold. It’s all his fault, oh, I sound like a Tory/Con now. 🙂

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  3. Nicola Sturgeonis the most popular keDer in British political history. Ever.

    People need to get out and vote the unionists out at every election. A higher turnout. To support SNP and Independence. Instead of blaming other people.

    Apathy is not good for democracy. The power is in the people hands. Use it or lose it.

    The SNP is the most successful Party in British political history, since 1928 and before.

    Support god SNP and Independence rising.. People need to get out and vote for it. Simple,,straight forward and easy, for victory. .


  4. The Tory unionists will be gone within a year. Vote SNP for Independence. Vote the opposition out. For a more successful, equal economy and society. A higher turnout will be advantageous at every election to vote the unionists cabal of liars out. For victory.


  5. There are no words for what Scottish voters call Davidson and the Tories. The list is endless. Corrupt, liars, killing people, money wasting hypocrites. Appalling mismanagement. Nicola will still be there when every Tory/unionist is voted out of Scotland. Diabolical unionist liars. Liars always get found out. The Tories are about to find out and get voted out within a year. To oblivion. The wilderness for ever. The HoL illegal parasites. Cronyism and corruption. An absolute disgrace.


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