Labour Shadow Health Secretary won’t criticise Conservatives over ambulance emergency

More than 1000 words, in the above BBC UK report today, but not a trace of Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting attacking the Conservative Government for refusing to take any part in this real crisis. He’ll be busy writing for the Telegraph to tell everyone how tough he’d be with nurses.

In the above from BBC Scotland, in 944 words, plenty of space for these 193:

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane told the programme the problem was not new and recalled one of his patients waiting eight hours for an ambulance in 2018.

Highlighting the stress on all parts of the health service, he said on Monday alone he had 80 patient contacts during his GP shift.

Dr Gulhane said: “Ambulances queuing round the block. Record A&E waiting times. This is shining a light on a crumbling NHS that happened before Covid.”

He also accused the Scottish government of using the pandemic as a “smokescreen for everything”.

Scottish Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie welcomed the involvement of the military.

But she told Good Morning Scotland: “What it demonstrates is that the ambulance service and the NHS are absolutely in crisis, and this is all before the winter starts.”

‘Eye off the ball’

Ms Baillie also said ministers had “taken their eye off the ball” and failed to respond to delays which were reported in June.

She added efforts should now be made to bring back recently-retired staff and increase capacity.

BBC Wales?

Nope, not a word from the opposition.

BBC Northern Ireland?

No reporting at all.


4 thoughts on “Labour Shadow Health Secretary won’t criticise Conservatives over ambulance emergency

  1. Rather naively I used to think that in my pre TUS/2014 days what I saw and read in the British (or should I say English media) was largely accurate and unbiased. I also feel deeply saddened that a fair % of Scots still feel as I did and rely solely on these charlatans for their news and haven’t yet woken up to their lies and distortions.

    I was also thankful that in a supposedly civilised society we did not need to copy those unfortunate and oppressed peoples in say 3rd world countries that could only resort to public and sometimes violent demonstrations as the only means they had to express their anger and frustrations. I’m afraid that I’m coming round to the idea that perhaps those in 3rd world countries have something to teach us if we seriously want to change things for the better and free ourselves from this tyranny.

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  2. Sandy ‘Brylcreem’ Gulhane claims that he had ”80 contacts on his GP shift ” .
    If he is concerned about the workload perhaps he should give up his second job as an MSP .
    All the evidence points to that being more useful than his sinecure in the Scottish Parliament .


  3. “Strictly come Prancing” comes this Sunday (again) from the BBC in Scotland with Sandy and Jackie, the “Little and Large” of the Scottish media’s entertainment world, legends in their own lunchtimes, pulling in crowds from as far afield as Dumbarton, both given tickets and the return bus fare by a mysterious benefactor who would only say “In my opinion….you deserve this..” before legging it…

    Sandy is expected to be wearing his customary surgical scrubs NHSE lanyard Oriel hairgel and teeth freshly bleached, whilst Jackie’s WW2 bell-tent is always a wow with the audience being such a clinging fit…

    Both of the audience will be disappointed to hear rumours of the Dishonourable Sarah Smith compering are unfounded, apparently James Cook read the email invitation and blocked it….


  4. The Tory unionist should increase healthcare workers remuneration.

    The Tories spent £918Billion 2019/20. Yet claimthere is no monies to fund essential workers.

    The Tories cut NHS funding from 2015 to 2020. They had to fund services more becaus3 of Covid. Pandemic mismanagement. To concentrate on Brexit. Losing £Billions and having to borrow more, They spend £270Billion. £370Billion over a lifetime. They are funding nuclear decommissioning £13Bilion a year over 10 years. Wasting £Billions on HS2 and Hickley Point etc. £Billions lost on tax evasion. £Billions list on Brexit but claim ther3 is not enough to fund essential workers. Total incompetence and mismanagement. Wasting Scottish funds and revenues.

    Scotland did not get £27Billion Covid funding for parity.


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