Jack McConnell should be ashamed of himself, again

McConnell transgressing kilt rules

Former Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell, headlining in the Sunday Times below, attracting apparent ridicule from the article below, with :

His claim:

The evidence? A poll indicating 68% ‘believe the changes pose a safety risk in women only spaces.’

The actual data were 51% for Yes, 24% for No and 25% for Don’t know. Excluding the Don’t knows changes the meaning of the response. The Don’t knows might be just relaxed about the idea.


Anyhow, that’s a poll of what people, based on what they’ve read and heard in media largely campaigning against the act.

What’s the real evidence?

The ‘self-identity bill’ is, of course, supported by all of the parties in the Scottish Parliament, all of Labour and even by two of the Cons.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has made clear that there is no “objectively evidenced prospect” of gender reform causing harm to women. That applies in Scotland and so, by implication, elsewhere in the UK.

“We could not identify any objectively evidenced prospect of real and concrete harm resulting from the proposed 3 changes.

“In our analysis, we consistently found that holding a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) does not determine how a person is treated in the key areas of concern – prisons, data, sport, access to medical treatment, access to single-sex services, changing rooms and toilets.


McConnell is just excrement-stirring on behalf of the Union and should be ashamed of himself, again.


9 thoughts on “Jack McConnell should be ashamed of himself, again

  1. Not your finest. Even a second year student might have noted that SHRC, an organisation which depends on the Scottish Government for funding, agrees with the Scottish Government. Perhaps not surprising?


  2. Wee Jaikie McCoalbunker.
    Worried aboot his ermine robe if Auld Scotia gets free.

    Certainly dont need to worry about Labour dumping the Lords.

    The rocks….blah, blah…………………….

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  3. Abused women do not get legal aid or have equal rights. If they did there would be less abused women. Women are mor3 likely to be abused in their own home. Not in any changing rooms. They are safer in changing rooms than in their own homes. It is in their own homes where they are attacked, raped and killed by people that they know.

    If women had equal rights and legal aid there would be less abused women. They get legal aid in England.

    Spend £Millions to save £Billions and people dying. Women would be doing it for themselves and getting away for unsafe places andve in safety.


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