‘Fifth poll’ is really eighth?

The Sunday Times today has their latest poll as the fifth in a row putting Yes ahead.

Wikipedia has 6, above.

Channel 4 on November 23, had a different question and got an ever better response:

Take out the don’t knows/cares and it’s nearly 60% for YES in the above.

AND the longer-term British Social Attitudes study, on October 8 2022, with a sample of 44 280 households, had 52% in favour of YES:



5 thoughts on “‘Fifth poll’ is really eighth?

  1. Sadly, Scotland has a dishonest and heavily biased media.
    We have an imperial and colonial press which manufactures and manipulates “news”.
    The BBC is a disgrace and should be called out daily by the SNP in Westminster.
    Get them to publish the minutes of BBC board meetings concerning Scotland–they cannot hide behind “journalism”, as board meetings concern policy and implementation of policy.
    PRAVDA on the Clyde.

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    1. The media would shout that this was an interference in their right to free speech and that it would inhibit their ‘high journalistic standards’. No grinning at the back, Robertson et al.


      1. I think, frustrating slow that it may be, that the “longer game” of highlighting by this site and many others, just how rank BBC Scotland has become, is paying off.

        BBC Scotland is clearly not a news organisation anymore adhering to its own charter. It’s a political Vox Pop for the Tories and latterly Labour. It’s credibility is shot and the younger viewers / listeners wont touch it. Add in the threat of fines for not paying for it 🙂

        BBC Scotland won’t change, they cannot change as they are too far entrenched in their “SNP Bad” rhetoric to turn back.

        Scotland certainly won’t miss them.


  2. Indeoendence supporters need to go out and vote every election. A higher turnout. To vote out the opposition. Turnout to vote at every election. Simple and easy vote SNP. Take another out to vote as well. Independence will be achieved quicker if more supporters vote for it at every election. Use it or lose it. Apathy is the rival of Democracy.


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