Army running criminals through airports ‘better than usual’

I know, get ye a life! It’s Christmas you old saddo!

I couldn’t resist this one though. It’ll only take a minute.

On Friday 23 December we had the above triumphal Telegraph piece sticking it to those unions. I responded then with:

Drugs, criminals, and ‘illegals’ flooding in, in ultimately ’embarrassing’ blow to UK Government?

And sure as you like, today I get this wee gift:

Emails reveal that people suspected of crimes such as carrying a false passport, drug smuggling, people trafficking and victims of modern slavery cannot be stopped by members of the armed forces if they hold valid travel documents.

Instead, a separate intervention has to be sought for suspected serious criminals or their victims from a fully trained Border Force officer, most of whom are currently on strike.

One Royal Navy officer warned in the emails that the inability to detain might “impact op [operational] capability during industrial action”.

The disclosure goes some way to explain why there has been little disruption at UK ports and airport since the PCS strike for improved pay and conditions began on Friday.

Schadenfreude? Mich?

8 thoughts on “Army running criminals through airports ‘better than usual’

  1. They really are taking the rip out of the people aren’t they. Their UK is a mess, but that’s what the disaster capitalists want. The lunatics really are running the asylum, jeez.

    Have a lovely Xmas and all the best to you John. 🦄

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  2. You are correct John, about a potential influx of ner do wells.
    Usual Christmas call round of family, heard from a couple who flew in from Germany. They said it was the fastest they had ever experienced and that their didn’t appear to be any security checks.
    Marching powder, ket or whizz anyone?
    Have a enjoyable, restful Christmas all of you.

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    1. At the risk of “Bah Humbug” accusation I suggest the influx of “ner do wells” are a tiny fraction of an increase on the resident and non-resident reprobates…

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      1. Bah humbug accusations, never.
        What an opportunity for running drugs in though, whole lot cheaper and more convenient than boats and dinghies from remote shores.
        Now, I’m just saying, not touting for some new start up enterprise.


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