Is Sturgeon’s authority ebbing or flowing? Make up your mind

Jarringly, side-by-side, in the Herald, that most ‘individual’ of Yes supporters, Kevin McKenna and the actually very good journalist, Alison Rowat, see the world around the First Minister in quite a different way.

McKenna’s piece is a confusing mix of just rumours about the new Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, the old one, Ian Blackford, and the First Minister, but the following reveals most McKenna’s thinking:

Reports that the SNP’s Westminster group is in “turmoil” following his rapid defenestration of Ian Blackford should be treated with scepticism. These have mainly been advanced by the First Minister’s little elves, clinging desperately to the notion that the light of her influence remains undimmed.

This is just more of the borderline misogynistic, disgruntled alpha male, moaning about a clever women telling men what to do, we’ve seen regularly in the Herald, from Tom Gordon, Ian Macwhirter, McKenna and others.

Rowat’s report, in sharp contrast, is based on facts such as the First Minister agreeing to talk about pay to the Nursing unions to pause the strikes and the English health secretary pretending its nothing to do with him.

We’ve had to talk about Kevin here many times before. Recently, these:


9 thoughts on “Is Sturgeon’s authority ebbing or flowing? Make up your mind

    1. Seems he is not the only one. They must believe if they demonise and undermine the FM enough, it will filter down and they will be able to embrace her demise. It’s a type of bullying.
      It is a sure sign that Nicola Sturgeon is seen as a threat to the Britsih Nationalist state.


  1. There is no doubt that Sturgeon is the linchpin which of course is why Unionists and their media chums target her relentlessly and Mckenna & Co remind me of some Americans during the Democratic run-offs who simply could not contemplate a women becoming President such is their misogynist mind sets. Sad that there are still some dinosaur journalists intent on spewing their drivel.

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  2. To get Independence just vote for it at every election. Vote SNP/SNP. at every election. Local councils/Holyrood/GE. With a higher turnout. Too many people sit on their hands and do not vote but just keep on moaning. If people want Independence they just need to vote for it. Take another to vote as well. A higher turnout is what’s needed to vote out the opposition. Just turn out to vote. Simple and easy. Support for the SNP and Independence increasing.

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  3. Journalists are predudiced, especially in the Herald. Trying to stir it up to get a bonus and earn a crust. Losing support trying to increase controversy. Sad
    The internet calls them out of their regurgitated nonsense. The NSMm non Dom’s causing trouble at every opportunity. Sad but true. The nonsense spewing out. Losing support quicker than a sieve loses water. Along with th3 Churches.


  4. Oh dear herald yet again letting junior cubs out to write stories on the cheap

    Maybe this papers owners will think again when Scotland is Free

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