Local Norfolk press quicker than BBC Scotland to report good news on NHS strike fears

Image: Newsquest

Glasgow Times at 15:05: Unite NHS Scotland members vote to accept improved pay offer

Unite has confirmed that an increased pay offer has today been accepted by its NHS Scotland membership. The union’s health membership voted yes by 64% to accept an offer which was put forward two weeks ago following talks with the First Minister, the Health secretary and trade unions. The improved offer represents on average a 7.5% increase across NHS Scotland with up to 11.24 % for the bottom pay bands. Industrial action by Unite which was initially set to hit the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) and the wider NHS Scotland has now been called off.


The Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury (Norfolk) had the story at 15:30

BBC Scotland at 15:46, still this:

They got it ‘BREAKING’ by 15:51pm. Why are they less than keen?


6 thoughts on “Local Norfolk press quicker than BBC Scotland to report good news on NHS strike fears

  1. Good news and let’s hope the RCN can come to an agreement too. I’m sure many/most in the profession may be disappointed there isn’t a bigger salary increase but the decision seems to show pragmatism and realism, recognising the budgetary limitations that the Scottish Government, unlike Westminster, has to operate within.

    How pragmatic, realistic (and progressive in terms of loading any salary increase towards the lowest paid) will teachers in Scotland prove to be?

    Of course across the UK the financial burdens on individuals and families are influenced by multiple factors, some of which have a too low a public profile. The recent Fraser of Allander Institute (FoAI) publication entitled ‘Scotland’s Budget Report 2022’ examines the options available to the Scottish Government in its upcoming budget setting for 2023-24. Here it provides some useful context on the present tax burden in Scotland relative to other parts of the UK (with my emphasis):

    ‘One legacy of the decade-long council tax freeze in Scotland is that residential properties are SUBJECT TO MUCH LOWER LEVELS OF TAXATION THAN IN ENGLAND OR WALES. A typical band D property in Scotland faced a council tax bill of £1,347 in 2022-23, compared to £1,777 in Wales and £1,966 in England.’

    The FoAI adds: ‘The costs of this differential in lost revenues are significant. Matching Council Tax policy in England or Wales would raise over £500m in additional resources for devolved public spending in Scotland.’

    Source: https://fraserofallander.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Scotlands-Budget-Report-2022-Final-for-publication.pdf

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    1. Remember, too, that Council Tax bills also include Water charges, whereas people in England and Wales face hefty bills from privatised water companies.

      Also, the 19% rate of income tax and other thresholds mean that people in Scotland on average levels of earnings pay less income tax than equivalent people in rUK. It is only those who pay at the higher rate that pay more. The Tories, unchallenged by BBC Scotland call Scotland the ‘highest taxed part of Britain’.

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  2. BBC NorthBrit had to wait for the response from the Red, Blue and Yellow Tories.
    They cannot run knocking copy without the heidbangers contribution.

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  3. STV not much better –
    Headline story The Weather – not a mention of the Pay Agreements with the Health Unions until well into the broadcast . But even then a snide remark from Colin McKay that this was ” the only good news for Humza Yousaf ”- trying to undermine the good news of the pay settlements ?

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  4. When you read the BBC Scotland article you see it immediately launches into the statement that other unions have yet to announce ballot results.

    I imagine fingers are crossed in the BBC Scotland Newsroom hoping at least one will reject the offer. The GMB is one of them and with Gary “Glasgow is the filthiest city in the world” Smith as general secretary and a tribal unionist” . BBC Scotland will be hoping he can prolong the strike.

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  5. Although the BBC Scotland page now headlines the deal with two NHS unions, the tone is one of disappointment. After the opening statement it immediately goes on to point out that three other unions have still to announce ballot results.

    I suspect that in the BBC Scotland Newsroom they have fingers crossed that at least one of these will reject the offer. “Surely”, they must be hoping, “the GMB under Gary ‘Glasgow is the filthiest city in the World’ Smith, will reject the offer since he is a Labour tribalist.”

    Also on the Scotland page, the next story is that the RMT has rejected the deal it has been offered. This is a UK dispute relating to only some RMT members, since RMT members who work for ScotRail have accepted a deal some months ago. It is actually a report from the BBC Business page and does not appear on the BBC UK page. So, the decision to place it on the Scotland page and juxtapose it with the NHS settlements smacks of clear politicisation by Pacific Quay.

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