Nursing leader praises Sturgeon in the morning. BBC Scotland not up at that time?

Look at what happened in Scotland when the First Minister asked to meet with me. It was on Friday and by Friday evening, we had suspended our strike dates for Scotland. are saying that he would accept less than your original demand. I just want to be clear on this for the viewers.

Kuenssberg, of course, did her best to deliberately mis-represent what the RCN leader had said. She was clear, she just wants to talk. Sturgeon will, Sunak won’t.

Reporting Scotland? Don’t be daft.


7 thoughts on “Nursing leader praises Sturgeon in the morning. BBC Scotland not up at that time?

  1. ‘The winter of discontent’. Pay the essential workers or pay the price. Out.
    The Tories have cut the healthcare budget. They are spending £915Billion bu5 refuse to pay the essential workers. Wasting taxpayers £Billions of taxpayers monetise but will not pay the workers. They will pay the price. Out of Office.

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  2. The FM of Scotland ( she who can’t be named!) getting praise from a Union leader when the UK PM ( he who can’t be arsed ! ) is doing NOTHING to prevent a nurses’ strike ?
    Edit that from the Laura Tosh show , immediately !

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    1. Well the intro to the programme with the captions of strike, strike, strike and Kuenssberg’s dismissive words followed by footage of the Prime Minister at a military base talking tough about ‘ending strikes’, looked as if the BBC was in full peopaganda mode.

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  3. Yes even Mick Lynch of the unions openly praised the Scottish government for their negotiations and work to avoid nurses striking. I don’t know which media outlet it was but he was being interviewed outdoors somewhere. At least he made that distinction between the Scottish government, and the Tory cabal refusing to even get round the negotiating table in England. Tories are going to use the strikes to finish off the NHS in England completely, it’s perfect to their selling off of the rest of the public services in England, and Charter cities, all up for sale, lock stock and barrel, they are coming for Scotland next.
    It’s a shame Lynch is a Brexiter.

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