SNP supporters choosing life with lust for new leader?

As the Conservative boarding schoolboys pounced upon supposed similarities between the new SNP leader and Renton from Trainspotting, SNP and independence support has soared. Flynn was elected on 6 December but was being identified as the favourite several days before that.

The last 3 full polls, above, around the time when Flynn was being talked about and Blackford supporters such as Wishart were telling the media that a leadership challenge would be damaging.

SNP support surging at the same time according to Ipsos MORI.

Another SNP Civil War turns out to be a damp squib.

5 thoughts on “SNP supporters choosing life with lust for new leader?

  1. The anti-independence, anti-Scotland, xenophobic attacks from the unionist media have really been ramped up in the past month and more. That was on top of the increase which has been gradually since 2014.

    The BBC is quite blatantly running a number of stories every day which are increasingly overtly hostile to Scotland. All pretence at ‘impartiality’ is vanishing. At the UK level, it is pretty sympathetic to the Conservatives putting a shiny gloss on any policy announcement. It is waging class war.

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  2. While I’m sure Blackford is a fine MP can’t say I am sad to see him step down. I felt he was getting a bit too comfortable in the role and IMHO failed to make much impact during PM’s Q’s. Although early days but from what I have seen so far I think Flynn and Black will be more direct and stir things up in a way that may endear them to Scots not just SNP supporters. I’m sure they will prove a thorn in the side of Sunak & Co and the Labour benches as well.

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  3. All the imperial and colonial press corespondents are singing exactly the same tune, same words, same lies.

    “Deep divisions”. “Splits”. “Doom for Sturgeon”. “Losing her grip”.

    The truth is that the Tories have had three leaders in three months, and five in the last six years.
    Factions are the norm, indeed factions within factions. There are now a bunch out to oust Sunak.

    Labour? Last leader ostracized and expelled.
    Starmer makes Stalin seem like a moderate, and anyone to the left of millionaire private school education promoter Anas Sarwar, is NOT ALLOWED to stand for the “Brothers”.
    Socialism, like democracy, is a dirty word for the Red Tories.

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    1. The unionist change representatives hundreds of times. Who want th3 poison chalice.

      The SNP only have a change when it is possible. to renew. A change is as good as a rest.

      The Tory unionists will be voted out. The SNP/Independence support is increasing, Independence support increasing. People need to vote fo4 it. A, at every election.To achieve Independence. Vote for it in sufficient numbers.

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  4. “As the Conservative boarding schoolboys pounced upon supposed similarities between the new SNP leader Renton from Trainspotting” they were anxious to deflect from the obvious, Agent 47… 🤣

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