Fake Ferry News: Exploiting the public’s lack of awareness of how Contract Law works

Bob Lamont

I’m not about to get into a hissing contest over political views because that is precisely what has been abused in this ongoing saga by attempting to exploit the public’s lack of awareness of how Contract Law works and implying political interference.

Once the contract is let, absolutely NOBODY can interfere between parties to the contract, it is entirely bound by Contract Law – Were any politician or beneficial owner to attempt to influence the contract in any way it would generate a punitive claim via the arbitrators of the Contract which would make eyes water financially.

If I had to stick my neck out on why McColl feels so obviously aggrieved, it would be that he banked on and promised the latter providing lucrative returns for investors and bluntly it didn’t pan out, filing for bankruptcy was his last throw of the dice and that failed also. Had McColl the slightest case it would be before the Contract’s appointed arbiter, it really could not be more simple.

Instead what McColl has attempted to retrospectively construct in the public eye is a case of being “Wronged” by an unseen third party when he COULD NOT be wronged under the mutually onerous strictures of the Contract.

Little wonder the “impartial” HMS James Cook were and are so supportive of “ferry-stories”, no embarrassingly incontinent pigeons required, they only need report what others have said, a la Nick Robinson…


10 thoughts on “Fake Ferry News: Exploiting the public’s lack of awareness of how Contract Law works

  1. It’s all in the name, ‘British’. Imagine if it was called the ‘UKBC’, though surprised they didn’t rename it to that temporarily in 2014, but I guess they didn’t need to.
    BBC has been held in high esteem for a long time, but really, it has been used as a form of control for a long time, zombifying the people, who thought all along they were free of brainwashing by the state. Clever.
    BBC is an enemy of Scotland.

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  2. The monetise all went into the local economy for a change. Spend £Millions to save £Billions in fuel costs. Innovation costs monies that can be recuperated. Not a lose. MSM cannot count, read a balance,, do maths or calculate statistics. A total failure. MSM lying all the time so no. Dom tax evaders are in control. Controlled by Westminster liars.

    Independence supporters should get out abdvote more. A higher turnout at every election. Vote SNP/SNP to vote the unionistsout. Use it or lose it,
    . Independence supporters need to tryout and vote forit at every election. Instead of complaining. To get Indepemdence vote the opposition out.at every election. Instead of complaining. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Build Scottish boats for Scottish votes.

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    1. Agree Gordon, much of that money will still be circulating in the local economy.
      The Unionist are indeed targeting the 30 odd %, sway voters, the not sure voters and as Bob states, playing on their ignorance. The indy groups need to target this same tranche of voters and correct the lies.
      They are using a strategy we can turn around and cause it to backfire, showing them to be liars. Eg, their recent attack on the % of renewable energy Scotland uses (between 56/63%), rather than the amount of renewables produced which could almost supply our needs, 97/98%.
      This site gives us the ammo needed.

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  3. Norway build 100 vessels and ferries.

    Aberdeen shipbuilders are building support vessel for offshore turbine fields. Turbine solar, water hydro are the future. Scotland can make £Billions. Even more if Independent not being held back all the time by Westmibster poor, bad decisions and policies killing people.

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  4. Peoplecwho support Independence the majority. They need to go and vote every election. Not sit on their hands. A lower turnout. It needs a higher turnout. Use it or lose it. They have to vote at every election. Vote SNP/SNP. For an Independence supporting Party at every election. A higher turnout. To defeat the opposition. Get someone out to vote as well.

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