Spiking by injection? One more moral panic bites the dust? Trans women in women’s spaces next?


From BBC Scotland today:

Police Scotland have found no evidence to back up a surge in claims of spiking by injection.

Almost 150 people came forward over 12 months saying they could have been drugged by needles in nightclubs.

Complaints soared after media coverage in October last year, with almost 60 made in the first week of November.


More than a year ago, we had:

Between the spring of 1788 and summer of 1790 fifty seven complaints were made to London Magistrates by women alleging that they had been molested and stabbed [on the buttocks] by an individual stranger in public.https://eprints.soton.ac.uk/412011/1/LIBRARY_COPY_PhD_Thesis_Final_Formatted_Version.pdf

Reports of ‘lady bottom cutters’ then spread like wildfire across the newly emerging mass media in the form of daily newspapers.

While it cannot be shown that there were no actual incidents of bottom cutting, initially, the media-amplified spread has been described as one of the earliest example of a moral panic where mass media take reports of deviance, construct them into a definitive form and exaggerate its geographic spread and frequency until ‘moral guardians’ in the courts, the police, the church, education and, of course, among politicians, call for action as if it were a real crisis in behaviour.

So ‘real’ had the crisis become, bizarre response emerged:

The protection of female backsides was also proving a highly lucrative sideline for both blacksmith and satirist, with reports of the wealthy ordering bespoke copper cuirasses to wear beneath their skirts, the poorer orders having to make do with additional layers of the customary cork.Same source

Reports of people being spiked by needles in nightclubs seem to have first emerged in Nottingham where police are investigating 12 cases. Reports have now spread across the country including 4 cases in Glasgow,

A predictable moral guardian has already emerged with the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, ordering police to clamp down on ‘syringe spiking” and urgently assess the scale of the problem.

Only, as far as I can see, the Herald, has reported skeptical expert opinion:

Experts have said that a sudden spate of women being spiked by injection is “far-fetched” and “deeply improbable” due to the difficulties involved with using a syringe on someone against their will. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/homenews/19664972.spiking-injection-experts-say-scenario-far-fetched/

I spoke to a local health board scientist and they felt that it would be a very difficult act to carry out.

So, is this a classic moral panic like that around trans women in women’s toilets?

Given the unfortunately easy and effective method of spiking drinks, it’s hard to see why these modern monsters would adopt another method so difficult to implement.

See that second last point from October 2021? How many years before the trans women moral panic fades away?


6 thoughts on “Spiking by injection? One more moral panic bites the dust? Trans women in women’s spaces next?

  1. I get more ”needled” by the media carrying ( inventing ) stories designed deliberately to feed the prejudices of a narrow minded right-wing clique in order to take attention away from the very real problems caused by this narrow minded right-wing clique aka The Tory Government .

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  2. 10+ a month. 2Million women?
    If women got legal aid and equal rights there would be no abused women. Women could get away. Women would be doing it for themselves. They get legal aid in England without lod8ng the roof over their heads.

    A Domestic Abuse Act that cannot be dropped or appealed. The Police are acting as judge and jury. No diversity. The highest prison number in Europe in the UK. The Courts backed up.
    A Domestic Abuse Bill That cannot be dropped or appealed. Police are now charging people with additional needs. No diversity training. In the service or in the Courts backed up for years. The UK has one of the highest number in prison in Europe. The Police acting as judge and jury.

    If women got leagal aid and equal rights. There would’ve no abused women. Women would be doing it for them selves. The get legal aid in England, without losing the roof over their head.

    Shared changing rooms has nothing on shared abusive homes. Women are more likely to be abused at home. Without redress to legal aid and equal treatment.

    Letting agencies illegally demand a deposit and six months upfront rent. Even from women with the financial means and good credit. Settlement can take years and cost £thousands. The Courts are backed up for years with mild misdemeanours. Instead of giving a warning as before. Mostmen have a criminal conviction. Under the influence of drink and drugs. Crime is a gender issue.


    1. Because drink and or drugs are involved in any case does not mitigate the actions.
      It actually dams them to a greater extent, since there is forehand knowledge of this instigating factor.
      Which a reasonable person could be expected to avoid, for the obvious reasons.


  3. Abused women do not get legal aid. Or do not have anywhere else to go. Letting agaencies charge a deposit and six months up front rent illegally. If women got legal aid and equal rights. They could get away. They get legal aid in England.

    Cut drink and drug abuse. There would be less crime and less people in prison. Increase the price. Or cut licensing Laws. Increase the number of total abstinence, propervrehab care. Instead of putting people on methadone for years. Or prison. Prison £4,000 a year. Prison is not the pkac3 for people on the spectrum. Instead of proper support. Too noisy and bright. Instead of proper care and support.


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