BBC Scotland: Only some plummeting graphs are good it seems


BBC Scotland today is headlining:

Scotland loses UK climate change lead, advisers warn

The extended report is based on the achievement of targets and a report indicating that many of these, recognised as more ambitious than those in the rest of the UK, have not been met.

By sharp contrast, in recent reports on A&E targets, BBC Scotland’s are full of falling line graphs as NHS Scotland struggles with the challenges it faces.

When they come to report today on climate change, for some reason graphs like this do not appear at all in the report:

Nor of course is there any sign of this kind of analysis:

However, in many areas progress on reducing emissions in Scotland is dependent on decisions taken by the UK Government. They have not gone far enough, fast enough. The Scottish Government will continue to push the UK Government to deliver progress on areas that are currently reserved – such as the development of negative emissions technologies, energy regulation, and reviewing the way transport is taxed – as well as ensuring the journey to net zero is prioritised in four-nations discussions.

From Net Zero Secretary Michael Matheson but trimmed to only this is paragraph 23 in a 30 paragraph report:

Mr Matheson said that in many areas progress on reducing emissions in Scotland was dependent on decisions taken by the UK government.

There was enough space for these brass-necked comments of course:

Meanwhile, Scottish Conservative Net Zero spokesman Liam Kerr MSP said the damning report showed the SNP-Green government were falling miles short in taking the action required to tackle the climate emergency.

Scottish Labour accused the Scottish government of “empty rhetoric” and warned that climate targets were “in danger of becoming meaningless”.


10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland: Only some plummeting graphs are good it seems

  1. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 S the best place in the world for renewables. Produces more renewables (pro rata). Scotland is leading the world by example. 25% in surplus in renewable energy.

    5 million people cannot save the world. 8Billion. Other countries will hav3 to step up to the challenge and follow Scotland example.

    Trouble is Scotland has to pay more Westminster takes it. Scotland has to pay more not parity. The Westminster further corruption and interference.

    Vote SNP/SNP every election. A high turnout will stop Westminster corruption. Or people will get what they deserve by not turning out. Nothing but misery. Westminster duplicity and corruption.

    Scotland is one of the most renewable energy rivh in the world. It does not benefit from the unequal Union.

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  2. CCS funding was reneged upon by Westminster. Scotland has lost EU renewable grants and investment because of Westminster. Brexit. Westminster does not make up the funding loses. Just screws Scotland and lies.

    Scotland is covered in coal. Westmibstervreguse CCS funding in Longannet in Fife and Gas (still higher emissions) CCs project in Peterhead. The Westminster Gov policies at fault in not lower emission with investment in CCS.

    The European countries are investing more. Scotland is the best placed for CCS in the North Sea. The expertise and the technology. Another Westminster failure for Scotland.

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  3. Westminster reneged on CCS renewable projects. Scotland lost EU investment and funding. Westminster does not make up the funding lost. Scotland lose £Billions in investment because of Brexit.

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  4. Looks like the graph for plummeting trust in the abysmal BBC North Britain.
    Though they would have David Porter and whitsername in London to tell them “whats happening in Scotland”.
    They don’t seem to have any Scottish journalists who even know the time of day, paid by our substantial licence fee.

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  5. The UK Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC’s) report – there are in fact two just published, with different degrees of detail – has a lot of information and useful insights.

    Regrettably, for a public body that should focus on reporting on solid evidence, the CCC’s press release accompanying publication includes rather subjective, rhetorical flourishes -‘Scotland’s climate targets are in danger of becoming meaningless’ – that have ‘allowed’ opposition parties and the BBC to find Scottish Government/SNP bad headlines without the need to go further and consider many relevant details in these complex reports.

    Moreover, these ‘commentators’ are able to ignore the CCC’s report on the UK’s progress on emission reductions published in June 2022 – there has never been a report on just England of course.

    The press release for the UK report was headed: ‘CURRENT PROGRAMMES WILL NOT DELIVER NET ZERO’!

    The latter CCC press release then stated (with my emphasis): ‘ .. The urgency of moving away from fossil fuels, securing energy supplies and cutting carbon emissions has never been clearer, but a new Progress Report by the independent Climate Change Committee (CCC) FINDS MAJOR FAILURES in delivery programmes towards the achievement of the UK’s climate goals.

    ‘Last year, the CCC applauded the Government for setting ambitious targets and launching a new Net Zero Strategy. Policies are now in place for most sectors of the economy, but A THOROUGH REVIEW OF PROGRESS FINDS SCANT EVIDENCE OF DELIVERY AGAINST THESE HEADLINE GOALS SO FAR. There are some bright spots of progress, but IN MOST AREAS THE LIKELIHOOD OF UNDER-DELIVERY IS HIGH. This is a high-wire approach to Net Zero. FOR THE UK’S CLIMATE LEAD TO BE EFFECTIVE, THE WORLD MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT WE WILL KEEP OUR PROMISES and that we have a clear and effective programme to achieve our commitments.’

    ‘… Today’s report MAKES OVER 300 RECOMMENDATIONS for filling out policies over the next year, REFLECTING THE SCALE OF THE TASK AT HAND as the Government moves from strategy to implementation.’

    And on particular sectors: ‘Energy efficiency in homes. Given soaring energy bills, THERE IS A SHOCKING GAP IN POLICY FOR BETTER INSULATED HOMES. Government promised significant public spending in 2019 and committed to new policies last year, NEITHER HAS YET OCCURRED. The UK continues to have some of the leakiest homes in Europe and INSTALLATIONS OF INSULATION REMAIN AT ROCK BOTTOM ‘

    ‘Agriculture and land use have the weakest policies in the CCC’s assessment, despite being vital to delivering Net Zero and the Government’s other goals on food security and biodiversity. PROGRESS IN REDUCING FARMING EMISSIONS HAS BEEN GLACIAL. The Government’s Food Strategy of a fortnight ago DID LITTLE TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES.’


    There is much more to learn from the CCC’s Scotland reports, including notably: (i) on the importance of delivering carbon capture and storage (CCS – aka ‘engineered removal’ of greenhouse gases) to achieve Scotland’s future emissions reduction targets; (ii) Scotland’s dependence on the use of powers reserved to Westminster in order to implement CCS here at the needed scale and in a timely manner; (iii) the lack of enabling support from Westminster for CCS in Scotland at present; and (iv) as acknowledged by the CCC, ongoing and potentially damaging uncertainty over future support from the UK government for CCS in Scotland. Nothing of this hugely important strategic issue for Scotland’s industrial future was (of course) mentioned by BBC coverage today!

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  6. Scotland is being held hostage to the English government when it comes to meeting targets set out by the Scottish government. Hell we even have imported gas and other toxins burnt off in Fife, into the air, in Scotland, with absolutely no control over that whatsoever. The English government can pollute Scotland’s environment as much as they want and they do that and, it’s getting worse.

    The English government and their lackeys in Scotland do not want Scotland to reduce emissions, quite the opposite and they will do their damndest to ensure that Scottish governments’ targets are not met. Why ever would they enable progress when they have total control over Scotland’s energy, oil, gas, and even renewables. Far as I know the EngGov have deliberately removed funding for offshore wind power in Scotland, and of course other areas where renewables plays a huge part in reducing Scotland’s emissions.

    When you have a next door neighbour controlling your budget, (while taking, I mean, thieving your massive revenues and vast resources) they aren’t going to allow you to progress in any way at all, especially when it means you would be strides ahead of them and more importantly, held in high esteeem internationally.

    Scotland is held hostage to the English far right wing, destructive cabal in London, who will and are working to undermine and destroy any progress in Scotland made already, nevermind allow more progress to be made in Scotland.


  7. As we hear today of the Westminster government’s decision to have a new coal mine in Cumbria, concerns expressed about UK government’s international climate credentials are not new!

    From the foreword to the Climate Change Committee (June 2022) report ‘Progress in reducing emissions 2022 – report to Parliament’
    written by the CCC’s chair Lord Deben (with my emphasis):

    ‘In targets, the UK is indeed a world leader. However, this Progress Report reveals that, despite important achievements in renewable energy and electric vehicles, THE GOVERNMENT IS FAILING IN MUCH OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION. Sharply rising fuel costs should have given added impetus to improving energy efficiency, yet THE NECESSARY PROGRAMMES ARE NOT IN PLACE. We are still BUILDING NEW HOMES THAT DO NOT MEET MINIMUM STANDARDS OF EFFICIENCY and will require significant retrofitting. Not only are we waiting for the promised Future Homes Standard but there is AS YET NO SIGN OF THE CHANGES IN THE PLANNING SYSTEM NECESSARY TO REFLECT BRITAIN’S LEGAL OBLIGATIONS FOR CLIMATE MITIGATION.

    ‘THE UK’S INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP IN COMMITMENTS WILL ONLY BE EFFECTIVE IF THE WORLD ALSO KNOWS THAT WE WILL KEEP OUR WORD AND THAT WE HAVE PROGRAMMES IN PLACE THAT ARE CLEARLY CAPABLE OF DELIVERING THOSE COMMITMENTS. Both issues must be put beyond question. For that reason the CCC will in future be concentrating even more centrally upon the delivery and implementation of the targets which are now enshrined in statute and international agreements. The Government has set the right course. IT HAS NOW TO DELIVER ON THE SCALE AND URGENCY THAT IS REQUIRED.’

    On Newsnight now (Wednesday) Deben is arguing that the UK’s solution to emissions reduction, employment and energy is more nuclear.

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    “A Tory grandee and climate change expert says nuclear power and wind farms will play a key role in the UK’s energy security as war rages in Ukraine.”


    “In his current role, which he has held since 2012, he helps to set government emissions targets and tells the government when it’s not on course to hit the targets.”

    What does he think of Scotland’ s emission targets?

    “The CCC report recommends lowering the annual targets so that the 2025 aim would be to reduce emissions by 61.7% rather than 65.5%.

    The report describes the target to cut emissions by 75% by 2030 as “extremely challenging” and suggests a 65% to 67% cut is more feasible.”

    Is their suggestion because Scotland will not go nuclear?

    ” The shift towards renewable energy is part of government efforts to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035.”

    Is this shift because England has gone nuclear?

    Which brings us nicely to a UK government BBC Reality Check report..

    “Climate change: Is the UK on track to meet its targets?”

    It says..

    “The UK has pledged to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Net zero means a country takes as much of these climate-changing gases out of the atmosphere as it puts in.

    But the UK Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC), which advises the government, has criticised the UK’s climate plans.”


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  9. Kevin Keane’s article left no turn unstoned in his quest to pour scorn on the Scottish Government, the elephant in the room as ever, HMG.

    The criticism of SG’s climate targets as overly bold is sublimely myopic when London controls the funding to achieve them, and can (and I’m quite certain do deliberately) turn off the taps to hobble them.

    Criticisms such as these make regular appearances on the Scottish media landscape with A&E targets a recurring theme, the effects from London funding are never mentioned let alone criticised.

    In stewartb’s deeper dive into the detail of the actual reports, the paragraph beginning “And on particular sectors: ‘Energy efficiency in homes. ” hit a nerve as it’s been a personal hobby-horse long before global warming hit us squarely in the face.

    HMG energy policy is akin to finding a leak which they insist can be solved with a bigger bucket.
    There is so much which could be done were London not so damnably obstructive and myopic.

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