Four in row for Yes and SNP to wipe-out the others at Westminster

This latest poll with Yes ahead 12%, follows and exceeds the previous Ipsos MORI poll on 19 October, with Yes ahead by 7%, Channel 4 on 23 November with Yes ahead 18% and the Redfield and Wilton poll on 27 November with Yes ahead by 4%.

SNP support surges to 50%, a figure to wipe out the opposition except in a few pockets where Tory and Labour voters combine in an unholy alliance and, perhaps in the Northern Isles, though even there too the walls are crumbling.

Support for the next Westminster election as a de facto referendum is even stronger.

Labour surge?



5 thoughts on “Four in row for Yes and SNP to wipe-out the others at Westminster

  1. NorthBrit Broonie claims they there is no demand on the doorsteps (Islington?) for independence.
    The plebs–er, sorry people, only want a wee Labour cuddle and they will flock once more to the party of Lords Mandelson, Ffoulksakia, and em, ur, duh–all the rest.

    “Socialism, your day is done. We are new— New New Labour–the party of Starmer, rich folk and Scottish resources”.

    “Hey, hey my my
    the House of Lords will never die.
    I promise you this: some pie in the sky
    Says Northbrit Broonie with his Nelsonian eye
    Hey hey my my”.

    As the Neil Young never put it.

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  2. Very good newsalthough two years ago we were also at 56/57% which dropped to 48% before rising again. I will be happy if that level stays over time and not just a blip.

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  3. Newsnight tonight (Wednesday) is broadcasting a major report on West Midlands’ ambulance service failings, including a huge uptick in the number of deaths happening before ambulances arrive eventually to treat a patient. An interviewee is being given a very hard time by the BBC’s presenter.

    If about NHS Scotland, this story would be front page news across Scottish newspapers and BBC Scotland, with ‘outrage’ and ‘must resign’ quotes from the usual suspects in opposition parties in Holyrood.

    But who is facing the BBC Newsnight interrogation on this – the Secretary of State for Health, a Minister of State for Health? No, just an NHS Trust official!

    Any comment from an opposition politician? None!

    Calls from ANYONE for ANYONE to resign ? None!

    How folk in England must wonder why the opposition Labour Party and the Lib Dems are so often missing on these occasions – or perhaps it’s that the BBC doesn’t ask opposition parties in England for a political comment on NHS England’s ‘difficulties’?

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  4. The comments in England beyond the media/political bubble on IR2 is ca 60% support, reversing Brexit enjoys more than that, but neither of the traditional main parties want to touch either with a barge poll.

    Labour will likely win in England only because there is no real third party option, not so in Scotland hence Labour are a dead duck.
    Broon’s constitutional gambit may gain some credit in England but will meet deaf ears in Scotland.

    As the effects of UK energy policy lands in letter boxes in the coming months, those polling figures will undoubtedly rise as dissatisfaction with London grows.

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  5. The turnout has to be higher..Independence supporters need to turnout to vote in higher numbers. A higher turn out in every election. If they want Independence they have to vote for it. Get another to vote as well. Council elections turnout 40%. Holyrood elections 50/60%. Referendum 85%. It needs more Independence supporters out to vote and vote SNP/SNP.. Vote for Independence. Vote out the opposition. Then when Independence is achieved people vote for who they want.

    Use it or lose it.


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