NHS Scotland ready to do 97.4% of operations on time

From Public Health Scotland today:

Of all cancelled planned operations during October 2022, for NHSScotland (excl. NHS Lothian) 585 (3.1%) were cancelled by the hospital based on clinical reasons, 485 (2.6%) were cancelled by the hospital due to capacity or non-clinical reasons, 551 (2.9%) were cancelled by the patient, and 50 (0.3%) were cancelled due to other reasons.


That only 2.6% of operations were cancelled due to a lack of staff or facilities is a phenomenally low figure for any institution of this size and complexity.


3 thoughts on “NHS Scotland ready to do 97.4% of operations on time

  1. Throughout the pandemic period although the total number of planned operations per month has been, understandably, lower than before the pandemic they have been climbing again to pre-pandemic levels albeit slowly.

    What has stayed more or less constant before and during the pandemic has been the percentage of cancelled ops each month. Usually it is less than 10% and the two main reasons are clinical, and the patient themselves cancelling the op. So well done the SNHS.

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  2. “This is the BBC……London calling”.

    “Tonight, we are gaslighting Scotland, as we do every night”.

    “The war to subordinate the Jocks is relentless and unceasing”.

    “We have gripped them fast, and with Starwars and DRossie in the fight, we will not let them go”! ….

    …………Cauld-Ham, sit at peace man, your fidgeting is most annoying!


  3. Westminster unionists cut the NHS budget £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. They were not prepared for the pandemic they were told was coming. To concentrate on Brexit and screw up the economy. Two rummies at once. The Tories Covid funding £270Billion. £370Billion over a ‘life time’. Scotland did not get £27Billion for parity. A 1/4 of pro rata funding.

    SNHS £15Billion+. Social care etc. The DNHS has done a brilliant job which cannot be faulted. Thanks a million keeping people alive.

    The dilemma for the elderly. Is to get Covid and die or wait a bit longer for non urgent treatment. If the elderly die, especially elderly men over 70. There is not need for further treatment, six feet under


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