Scotland’s emergency services up to 50% better and better than all other parts of UK

Lisa Summers, Reporting Scotland Down’s Unhealthy Correspondent, is reporting today:

Why we should worry about what is happening in A&E

In more than 1,000 words, you’ll find none of the context which 1st Year Journalism students are taught is essential.

Here’s some:

From Public Health Scotland, today:

During October 2022, 67.6% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

In October 2022, NHS England A&E departments saw only 54.8% of those attending within 4 hours. Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust saw only 33.6% within 4 hours.

NHS Wales data is presented so as to conceal the performance of the major departments comparable with those elsewhere in the UK, but after some adding up and dividing, I get 56.7%, slightly better than NHS England.

For Northern Ireland, the figure is a shocking 45.2% and has been under 50% for more than a year now.

NHS Scotland A&E services are thus 23% better than in England and 49.5% better than in Northern Ireland


Click to access hs-niwts-ecwt-q2-22-23.pdf


3 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services up to 50% better and better than all other parts of UK

  1. Yet note yet again HMS James Cook’s penchant for having THIS nonsense with the ONLY one of two articles with “comments open” on their web-pages – The first laughably being the VowMk2 promo “Gordon Brown: Labour plan would make UK work for Scotland” when it has damned all to do with Scotland but playing Vow1 to an English electorate who didn’t see Scots subjected to his claptrap back in 2014.

    Two constructs from the BBC in Scotland is no mere coincidence, look to their 6 bluidy week 24/7 promotion of the Tory leadership contest for a clue where Lousy Winters head is at, a pay cheque….
    As for James Cook and his penchant for expensive suits, time you escaped again to America, it may give the wrong impression in the dole queue.


  2. Almost ( deliberately ) forgotten by critics when they agonise about the A&E stats is that ALL patients ARE treated – some quicker than others depending on their seriousness .
    The distinct impression given by negative headlines is that people are going untreated by hospitals — totally false and misleading !

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  3. Hi – I don’t know if you’ve been able to see my Twitter thread on this subject in full – it starts here I’m afraid you’re comparing the wrong statistics for Scotland and England. I believe the correct comparison should be 67.6% of all attendances in Scotland dealt with within 4 hours in October, and 69.3% in England. Happy to be corrected here or on Twitter if I’m wrong. I assume you’ll remove your post if I’m correct. Thanks.


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