The SNP limit Hunt’s statement for the greater good

BBC Reporting Scotland Down do helpfully tell us, today, that some of today’s Autumn Statement will not apply in Scotland.

On their website they post the different taxation bands and rates:

Just under that, they sneak a wee line in to suggest that the differences are not so good for Scots:

Sneakily done. It means, there is a higher percentage of Scots, those on more than £43K, paying more tax.

At £26,007, Scotland has the third highest median gross annual salary of the nations and regions of the UK and it is higher than the UK figure, so might that justify a bit more from the over £43K group to help pay for the services, infrastructure and universal benefits they too receive?

So, what’s the picture for the majority?

Around 55% of taxpayers pay less income tax in Scotland than they would elsewhere in the UK.

Is that SNP source reliable?

Other sources:


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