8% surge in support for independence


Ipsos MORI with more than 2 000 Scots on 13-19 October 2022, suggest a 7 point lead for Yes, after more than 6 months of polling in favour of No. The last Ipsos MORI poll in May 2022, with only 1 000, had No ahead by 46% to 45%.

There are several other positive indicators which you can read at the link above.


5 thoughts on “8% surge in support for independence

  1. One swallow doth not make a summer
    But a rising tide can never
    Be turned back
    This is a rising tide
    And King Canute and his
    Unionists followers know that

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  2. The larger the sample, the more accurate the poll.
    Wonder if this is why the Tories are covering up their Scotland polling, in spite of being ordered to release it in FOI requests?

    Relentless Brit Nat propaganda attempting to brainwash Scots, with—
    “The slings and arrows of outrageous BBC slander”— the latest being trying to blame the present government for the sins of historic child abuse on the lunchtime “news”.

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    1. Exactly so – As another observed elsewhere, whoever commissioned this poll from Ipsos MORI did so knowing full well that deploying the term “leaving” would elicit a more cautionary response than the “standard question”.


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