Can it be that it was all so unequal then or has time rewritten every line?

The minute I saw the above Herald story, the ratio 7:84 popped into my head.

Some will remember fondly the 7:84 theatre group from the 1970s. Their name was a reference to the fact that, then, 7% of those living in Scotland owned 84% of the wealth.

According to Herald, it’s now 10:45. That’s a whopping improvement isn’t it, or is it?

I don’t know.

Lazily perhaps, I put it over to you, dear reader.

Footnote: Name that song paraphrased in the headline? No prizes other than my dying (in the end) admiration.


14 thoughts on “Can it be that it was all so unequal then or has time rewritten every line?

  1. I saw the ‘Cheviot the Stag’ at a packed Webster Theatre in Arbroath 25/30 ago, it was fantastic, I’d go and see it again if the chance ever came by.

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  2. You can bet—- “The Cheviot”.. would not be broadcast now.

    Unless the script was changed to read–
    The land was only ever good for grouse moors, people left voluntarily, and the oil was worthless/running out.

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    1. If you look up the venue might you find out? I saw the play I think around 2016 in Edinburgh, absolutely brilliant. I think it might be available to watch online, the original, I’ll have a look later….


  3. Perhaps the method of calculation has been changed perhaps there are more homeowners now ( most of whom have mortgages ) and perhaps the mortgaged homes they live in are being included in “ wealth “ calculations / distributions.


  4. Here it is. I will watch it, not seen it online before, but it makes me so angry beyond words to know what the English did to Scotland, and still do, and I say that as someone who was born and brought up in NE England. Though I suspect with some very strong ancestral links to Scotland by what my dad told me.

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    1. Thank-you, I did so enjoy revisiting that performance, only one actor I could not name on sight….
      The “Play for Today” series was a BBC production, long before political elbowing became the norm from London and HMS Helen Smith and lately HMS James Cook were installed to waive the rules of “impartiality”, and thus the North Beeb Kareer v South Beeb Kareer fiasco began…

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