Scots pay highest electricity bills in the world! Another ‘Union Dividend?’

From City AM today:

New research reveals that the UK has the highest electricity bills. Brits pay more for their power than anywhere else on the planet.

A new study looked at Government data on electricity and gas prices from the past five years to analyse the impact of the worsening cost of living crisis and discover which countries have had the biggest year-on-year increase in energy prices. The data, compiled by BOXT, was shared with City A.M. today

The UK’s energy price cap was recently raised from 28p to 34p per kWh.

Within the UK:

In energy rich Scotland, which is a net exporter of Oil, Gas and electricity, we pay the highest electricity bills in the world.


7 thoughts on “Scots pay highest electricity bills in the world! Another ‘Union Dividend?’

  1. Energy policy is “reserved” by Westminster and the promise of cheap electricity from Scottish renewables will be swallowed up in their plans for nuclear power stations and the clean-up (decarbonisation) of fossil fuel generated electricity.
    Scots will have to pay their “share” of that.
    So long as we allow Westminster to dictate policies,Scotland will be unable to prosper.

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  2. I struggled to find explanation in either article for their figures – Did the “Overall” kWh rate include standing charges or were bare kWh cost, whether it was pre-tax such as VAT, or whether the “Overall” average bill was actual billed or an estimate based on a fixed consumption to achieve like-for-like comparison.

    As I had my latest bill to hand, (here in Romania everything is based on kWh with NO standing charges) so thought to compare the equivalent sterling values – The OUG27 element is the EU-wide reduction over winter to consumer bills (to a capped consumption limit):
    Element PreVAT IncVAT
    UnitCost 31.19 37.11
    OUG27 -19.09 -22.71
    kWh 12.10 14.40
    Last year’s annual electricity bill inc-VAT was 343 quid, gas 482, total annual energy cost 825, both should fall this year due to modifying demand, but who knows how winter will behave 🙄 -20 again ?

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