Why is Scotland with the lowest Avian Flu the only country with a problem?

BBC Scotland reporter? Nice kid but a little dum: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/6de30834-d769-4107-8462-678ca9f12a39

From BBC Scotland today:

More than 100,000 birds have been culled at three Scottish farms amid the UK’s worst avian flu outbreak.

Ayrshire farmer Billy Robb told BBC Scotland he lost 32,000 hens last week.

And farming union NFU Scotland revealed 72,000 birds had also been “taken out” at two farms in Aberdeenshire in the last 10 days – taking the total to 104,000.

Last month just four avian flu cases were recorded in Scotland, compared with 80 in England.


See, there, line 4? Who says BBC Scotland is biased and doesn’t do the whitabootery itself, that triggered John Beattie’s abuse of the country’s top vet?

It just needs a wee arithmetical procedure, multiplying that wee 4 by 10 to get the infection rate, 40 cases, all things being equal, you might expect in England.

But, but it’s 80, twice as bad in England. I bet BBC England have that story up front. No. Wales? No. N Ireland? No

But, that’s not enough, I’m afraid. We need to take into account how big the bird populations are in the two countries.

While I feel sure Scotland will have many more, making our only 4 cases of AF even more commendable (well Scots bird farmers!), my researcher (71) could only find that we produce 12% of the eggs, with only 8% of the population to care for the hens and ducks.

So, to conclude:

‘SNP Farming Minister praised for keeping most Avian Flu from crossing border!’

Footnote: It’s not the first time either. See:


3 thoughts on “Why is Scotland with the lowest Avian Flu the only country with a problem?

  1. With regards ABC ( BBC )
    Reports and in all matters linked in any way to Indy
    A appropriate title for the Avian Flu in Scotland and all other such matters when it comes down to it
    Would be
    ” The Hens march oer the Midden “

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