Don’t they have someone like Humza Yousaf to blame?

Headlining from BBC England today:

Redditch mental health ward faces claims of sleeping staff and bullies

There is not one suggestion that the Health Secretary for England, Steve Barclay, is to blame. Only the trust and the staff are blamed in a ‘BBC Investigation’ which does not question any government figure at all. No opposition politician bothers to criticise.

Headlining from BBC Northern Ireland today:

COPD lung disease sufferers waiting years for diagnosis

Once more, no politician is blamed. That’s the DoH Permanent Secretary, Peter May, above. No opposition politician bothers.

Here’s how the health secretary running the best NHS in the UK is treated:


3 thoughts on “Don’t they have someone like Humza Yousaf to blame?

  1. I haven’t seen a single BBC article on Health Services in England including an interview with the English Health Minister.
    Sometimes a quote will be available.
    NEVER have I seen even a suggestion, let alone a demand, that said English Health Minister ought to resign.
    But Auntie’s not biased.
    Oh no.

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  2. Hypocrisy of the highest order !
    Scotland’s Government , Health Service , Health Minister under 24 hour scrutiny and held accountable for EVERYTHING from pigeon droppings to ambulance delays , from bed-blocking to car parking problems at hospitals .
    Currently in England there is ( another !!! ) court case concerning multiple deaths allegedly caused by a nurse in a hospital yet not one politician or media outlet has EVER suggested the English Health Secretary has any culpability .

    Imagine the circus this would become had it been in Scotland – Baillie , Sarwar , Gulhane , Lisa Summers , etc…slavering at the prospect of pinning SOMETHING on the Health Minister – with ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD for the feelings of the victims , their parents or THE TRUTH !

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  3. Under Jeremy Hunt the ‘job description’ and responsibilities were altered substantially and now read
    The Secretary of State is responsible for the work of the Department of Health and Social Care, including: overall financial control and oversight of NHS delivery and performance. oversight of social care policy.
    Contrast this with the Scottish Cabinet Secretary brief and actual RESPONSIBILITIES.

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