Yes, the police can ‘clear’ the Scottish Government and any other politicians of ‘wrong-doing’

Several in social media have question my headline SNP Government cleared of any wrong-doing on ferry contract by Police Scotland yesterday morning. The headline attracted many more reads than I’m used to.

Critics argued that dropping the case does not ‘clear’ the suspect.

Well it clearly has done for other cases where an initial investigation found no or insufficient evidence upon which to proceed:

A Tory police boss who was investigated by cops over an alleged historic sex offence has been cleared.

Cleveland’s Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner has said he feels “vindicated” after the Independent Office for Police Conduct’s (IOPC) decision to discontinue its inquiry.

MP Rayner cleared by Durham Police over ‘beergate’

SNP MP Chris Law cleared of any wrongdoing by police

6 thoughts on “Yes, the police can ‘clear’ the Scottish Government and any other politicians of ‘wrong-doing’

  1. Those that argue that Police can’t clear anyone are the same people who have a vested interest in perpetuating endless slurring campaigns in the hope that eventually some shit will stick.

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    1. Absolutely right. This is the same tactic as with Alex Salmond, though it went much further in Alex’s case, basically alleging that the jury (majority women) might have found him not guilty/ not proven (in a single case) but that didnt mean he didnt do what was alleged. This is an approach that puts reality up against a backdrop of absolute innocence. It’s kind of like a reversal of the proof demanded to convict – are you convinced beyond all reasonable doubt – but this time to find the accused not just not guilty, but actually innocent. As you say, to keep it going, to keep stirring the pot.
      Again in the Salmond case this reached unbelievable heights as, during the case, Kirsty Wark had been making a documentary about the trial. There was even a discussion of Wark and three like-minded Scottish media folk (Dani Garivelli, I think, was one) discussing over a pub lunch what the consequences would be when – not if, WHEN – he was convicted. To be fair, they did show Wark’s face outside the court when news broke he had been found not guilty/ proven. It was a picture – talk about disappointed.
      But that, of course, hasnt stopped them. Alex’s career has been very badly damaged. In fact I wonder if Alba would do better without him. Comment continues in a “I know he got off with it in court, but we all know, dont we?”.
      The ferries are the same, just a different issue, and a wee bit less intense. What matters is the dominant view – Salmond is a dirty old man/ the Scottish Government cant get a ferry built and have been acting wrongly (that will replace unlawfully now the Police have told them to get lost) – never mind the facts. And to think we pity the Yanks whenever the Donald raises his head.

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  2. Ah, but …. only people or organisations whom the media favour are ‘cleared’ when Police Scotland decide there is nothing to investigate. For organisations and people whom the media dislike the fact that Police Scotland have been involved is PROOF that there have been shady dealings. We always read of such proper or organisations DENYING allegations and, if things have to be DENIED then there MUST BE SOMETHING THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE! Stands to reason, doesn’t it????

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  3. Funny how unionists allow their lies,cheats and THEIVES to go UNPUNISHED


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