Scotland’s hospitals preventing large numbers of Covid cases requiring intensive care

Covid infection levels over the last 3 months tend be roughly the same in the 4 nations but the number of the more serious cases developing and requiring intensive care has been constantly and significantly lower in Scotland.

In the most recent figures and on the majority of days in the last 3 months, Conservative-run England which, based on its larger population, should have around 10 times as many ICU cases (90) tends to have around 17 times as many (150).

Labour-run Wales, which, based on its smaller population, should have around 60% has 130%.

What might be causing these differences? Remember Scotland has an older population and a shorter life expectancy. Could our NHS and our Government be doing better in some way?


One thought on “Scotland’s hospitals preventing large numbers of Covid cases requiring intensive care

  1. I suppose some experts will suggest that Scotland’s superior performance in ICU may be put down to the better staffing in hospitals , the higher ratio of beds to patients , the higher number of GPs etc… but I would prefer to wait for the definitive opinion of The Herald’s Tom Gordon , The BBC’s Lisa Summers and the independently-minded Baillie , Gulhane and Tailor’s Dummy !

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