Scottish Health Secretary and NHS Scotland praised for far lower level of hospital-acquired Covid infections

You want us to oversee hygiene in NHS England?

A very powerful indicator of the effectiveness of a hospital, of a health board and, of course, of a health secretary, is the extent to which patients are protected from becoming more ill after admission due to a hospital-acquired infection (HAI).

HAI Covid data is published weekly by Public Health Scotland but has been tricky to find for other parts of the UK

In October 2022, however, the above graph popped up in Twitter, with this commentary:

Hospital-Acquired Covid in England – 20th October update In the last 28 days, 11,234 of 30,439 people in hospital with Covid probably or definitely caught it there (36.9%) Still extremely high; seems to be stabilising at around a third of Covid patients catching it there!

In Scotland, we can see that the equivalent figure was 817 probable and definite cases.

With 10 times the population, NHS England might have had, all things being equal, around 8 170 cases but had 11 234, 37% more.

With 3 548 Covid cases in Scottish hospitals in the same period, 817 HAIs is only 23% compared to 37% in NHS England.

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

Note, the two 37% figures is a coincidence.


8 thoughts on “Scottish Health Secretary and NHS Scotland praised for far lower level of hospital-acquired Covid infections

  1. Scottish hospitals are doing well on HAI , however the Scottish Parliament is still plagued by an increasing number of Jackie Baillie Acquired inflammations !

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      1. Re that graph for EHNS
        this now to all intents and purposes exponential now
        Statistically there no known instances of where the consequences of matter grows exponentially that the effects that shall undoubtedly arise can ever be avoided as the cause of such has arisen
        EHNS health secretary and the civil service team should be extremely concerned
        Ah but they are firmly anchored by massive problems that is leading to total collapse
        For their thick craniums
        I strongly advice as to what the meaning of the term ” Amplifying Consequences ” eventually lead to
        Time for draft writing of
        Resignation letters will be one of the numerous


  2. Covid/pandemic is a gift to the Tories, who are definitely wrecking the English NHS in order to sell it off, lock, stock and barrel. As we know, due to Scotland having their huge revenues and resources stolen by the English government, Scotland will be unable to keep their own NHS functioning as a public service, because removal of funding in England is matched with removal of funding in Scotland, by the EngGov. You could hardly make it up really. It really is indicative of the fact that Scotland is a colony of the British Nationalist state. Thatcher started the balls rolling to wreck the NHS from inside out, and the oligarchs in charge are just finishing off the job in England.
    Run Scotland, or be forced to become a very very unequal, dystopian country.

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    1. I’ve been sharing them too and, so far, have had no problem other than yoons expressing their usual opinion that anything they disagree with can’t possibly be true. It’s hilarious.

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