Tory Shadow Health Secretary cynically attempts to scare the vulnerable with unreliable hospital safety survey

From MSM Monitor, an extract from Good Morning Scotland, where Sandesh Gulhane claims:

8 in 10 nurses said their last shift was unsafe and that compromised patient safety. Think about that. 80% of nurses felt the last shift they did compromised patient care. If you go to work and you feel unsafe working, the thing you’re doing could potentially lead to someone dying, that is not conducive to you continuing to work, you know.

BBC Scotland did not, of course, challenge the claim but there are serious problems with it.

First, only 20 325 out of around 400 000 nurses in the UK responded. This is a 5% only response rate.

Second, it’s a self-selecting, ‘squeaky wheel’ sample, as opposed to a scientific random and representative sample, whereby a disproportionate number of responses will be from those concerned about staffing in their area.

Third, the survey does not recognise the important background factor of nurse staffing levels. There are 64 000 nursing and midwifery staff in Scotland and 360 000 in NHS England. Per head of population, England should have 640 000, to match NHS Scotland. Nurse staffing in NHS Scotland is thus, astonishingly, 78% higher.


Scotland’s nurses being ‘pushed to the exit’ as vacancy figures climb,around%20360%2C000%20nurses%20and%20midwives.


4 thoughts on “Tory Shadow Health Secretary cynically attempts to scare the vulnerable with unreliable hospital safety survey

  1. In that interview I also heard him say SNP Gov wasted money on the smelter so did he mean that it should be allowed to shut down it being the only one in production and leave all the workers unemployed he is a typical Tory not a clue.

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  2. I did listen to and almost choke at this arrogant arse being introduced by GMS as an NHS insider – He’s a 1 day a week GP who spends more time flossing his privately maintained teeth and preening with hair gel in front of the mirror on any given day than any experience he has had of NHS Scotland hospitals since the beginning of time.

    The Tory/BBC strategy of shielding Westminster policy of public service defunding from criticism was equally apparent from the arrogant Juan Kerr’s earlier interview over education, the same “highest block grant ever” gambit deployed and not a single “ah but” from purported “journalists”.

    May the droppings of a thousand incontinent pigeons visit the BBC and Tories from on high…

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  3. Could only handle the first few minutes and that took some doing. This man seriously gets on my nerves. He talks like he works full-time in the NHS when he does nothing of the kind. He is a moron looking for some sort of position with the British government. They are more than welcome to him and I wish he would take D.Ross with him but we all know he wouldn’t be welcome there.

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  4. Arguably, there are some basic characteristics of the Tory opposition in Holyrood:

    (i) perhaps tactically, in the Scottish Parliament it chooses to offer little in terms of alternative policies/solutions, including the NHS. IMHO the Tories are not really working towards government in Scotland because their priority is for the powers of devolved government to be further circumvented or removed by Westminster.

    (ii) the Tories in Scotland have individuals, notably but not only Stephen Kerr MSP, whose prime role seems to be to denigrate and disrupt.

    (iii) the Tories in Scotland rely on the mainstream media, and especially the BBC, giving them the opportunity to criticise the Scottish Government and the SNP without fear of being challenged about the track record of their Tory Party in Westminster. There are parallels here with Labour in Scotland and the Labour government in Wales.

    There is a UK governance context, a UK governance perspective, relevant on most challenges facing the governments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh – but rarely given credence in corporate media and BBC output!

    (iv) ‘success’ for the Tories IMHO will be loss of public confidence in Scotland’s public services, in Scotland’s institutions including Scotland’s parliament and its processes, and of course in the present Scottish Government.

    Why? Because such a loss of national confidence will work alongside and reinforce the fearmongering on which the case against Scotland’s self-determination is based. If successful, this will reduce the likelihood of majority support for independence.

    The tactic? Keep this up long enough – and delay as long as possible a democratic event on Scotland’s constitution – and the ‘natural’ forces of democratic politics will, bit by bit, degrade SNP support.

    The past weeks here on TuS have evidenced the high level of Unionist effort to undermine public confidence in the competence of the political parties of independence to govern Scotland.

    Will we see a timely uptick in the countering reaction to all this from the SNP ? Not easy given the nature of Scotland’s corporate media and BBC Scotland I know but …..!

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