Shouting THEATRE in a half-empty fire? Fire and rescue incidents plummet under SNP Government

As crime falls in real terms, even halves in Scotland, media maintain or even increase their reporting or dramatizing of it, people remain or get even more anxious. It’s one of the few direct media effects we know of.

Primary fires attended by the Scottish Fire Services have plummeted from more than 40 000 in 2009 to less than 28 000 last year, a steady, and 30% overall, fall in just over a decade.

In 2021/2022, there were 76 attacks on fire crew, 1 resulted in an injury.

The total number of attacks fell from 99 in 2015/16 to 76 last year.

Physical attacks fell from 13 to zero, in the same period.

Scotland has 13% more firemen, pro rata, than England. Firefighter staffing has fallen from 3052 to 2758 or 3.1% in the same period.

There’s some news for you.



4 thoughts on “Shouting THEATRE in a half-empty fire? Fire and rescue incidents plummet under SNP Government

  1. Please let us have some sympathy for these intrepid ‘journalists’ as each morning they wake up to be told they must find an SNP bad story that actually stands up to TUS scrutiny and UK comparisons. It must be getting increasingly difficult for them.

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  2. Anent the bad – and it was bad – behaviour in Dundee earlier this week: I am 75 years old and remember, as a boy, in Glasgow, that Guy Fawkes Night was an eagerly awaited event, with the residents, including adults, of many blocks with backcourts, building bonfires and letting off fireworks. Undoubtedly, several were irresponsible and there were significant numbers of injuries. There was opposition to Guy Fawkes Night events and, on several occasions I can recall the Police and Fire Service intervening. In a number of cases there was hostility from the people attending, including adults.

    As the 50s gave way to the 60s, 70s, 80s, etc The number of bonfires built by communities declined markedly and ‘fireworks displays’ organised by the Council in places like Glasgow Green became more popular.

    So, the events in Dundee are not something new and a result of THAT SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT. However, they are now so rare that they become newsworthy.

    As an example of BBC Scotland’s hypocrisy, while describing the events in Dundee as ‘rioting’, ‘civil disorder’ and other lurid terms with an aggressive interview with Mr Keith Brown, they had a Mornings programme asking people to phone in their views on bonfires and fireworks, which opened with a spokesperson for the Fireworks industry being allowed several minutes to make a vitriolic attack on actions by the Scottish Government to restrict the sales of fireworks. While many callers supported calls for restrictions, the programme was ‘framed’ by the industry spokesperson.

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  3. I just don’t know how all these people can live with themselves by running Scotland down do they go to bed at night dreaming up bad news for us as for the likes of opposition MSPs hypocrisy enough said.
    I asked as unionist why BBC Scotland was always critical of the SG his answer was cause they have never done anything good,sad really.

    Enough about them,could this be a another good thing for the Highlands.

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  4. OT but thought it amusing to compare the UK Politics page with that from HMS James Cook – In the UK’s case NO prominent mention of NHS staff threatening strike action, accusations of political corruption over ship-building contracts, RMT strike disruption, sexually predatory councillors (or Ministers), results of budget squeezes from the Tories, or RMT escalating strike action – Nada, not a cheep.
    I finally read for amusement the HMS James Cook “FM denies ferry contract was ‘jobs for the boys’ “, an object lesson in “Would it be true to say you no longer beat your wife ?”
    No surprise that the author (Quantitative Easing House ?) left no turn un-stoned with the media witch-hunt of Mackay resurrected much as Andrew Leermuch had done in the Herod.

    Yet what struck me most was the opening statement in the purported “Analysis” by David Henderson, “One word which notably has not crossed the first minister’s lips today is “sorry”. ” and his ending “But she clearly sees this as a collective, systemic failure, and not one for which she is personally to blame.”
    Analysis ?
    I know from extensive experience in Contracts that tendering and award are governed by a series of strictly controlled procedures, NOBODY gets past them no matter who they think they are, the FM, the Finance Minister, or a Business Correspondent for the BBC in Scotland.

    Despite the extensive media campaign by BBC Scotland and James McColl in particular to conjure the notion it could be, absolutely none have demonstrated which of the multiple rules and regulations were subverted to exert political influence, because they can’t – And please do bear in mind that we were part of the EU from the time this contract was awarded through to 2021, and be in no doubt the EC would have landed on this like a tonne of bricks at the slightest hint of impropriety and without the slightest hesitation.

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