UK Covid death-rate gap widening

In November 2021, the cumulative Covid death rate in Scotland was 168 deaths per 100 000 population while in England it was 218, 30% higher.

By November the rates were 226 and 302, 34% higher and growing.

Only in Scotland, is the rate declining while in England the increase is notable and disturbing.

Why is this not being researched?

Why is it not happening in Scotland? A better NHS?

3 thoughts on “UK Covid death-rate gap widening

  1. It is of note that the graphs for Scotland and NI have ‘flatlined’ since May/June this year. Those for Wales and England have continued to rise with fairly steady gradients since the start of the pandemic, but the gap between the rates is widening.

    These differences are worth investigating and I am pretty certain that they will be being investigated by health academics and reported in the journals.

    However, the Scottish unionist media will not report these unless they can find a datum which reflects badly on Scotland when presented out of context.

    But why are UK Labour and LibDems not asking questions of whomever is the UK MINISTER OF Health on any particular day?


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