UK Tories return to the fold after only 10 days in doubt

Despite all they have done and only weeks after replacing the previous PM, Conservative voters look like coming home and threatening another election victory in two years.

Based on data collected on the 3rd November, less than two weeks since Sunak was anointed, we see a convincing majority for him as preferred PM, over Keir Starmer, in a full poll of 1 500.

We know that many voters do not vote for the Cons but against Labour so it takes little for them to flop back after a wee protest.

Note, that the story in Scotland is different but, as we all know, that will make no difference.

The message for any tempted by Labour in Scotland? Don’t!

Latest GB Voting Intention (2-3 November 2022)


3 thoughts on “UK Tories return to the fold after only 10 days in doubt

  1. Just when I was getting a bit depressed by all the adverse media speculation again today you have cheered me up. Thanks. You need no other evidence than that to witness the continued moral decline in English society.

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  2. What has “Union Jock” Murray to say now?
    Or Anas?
    Is Hi Jack p!shing it?
    Tom Gordon?
    Glenn and Juan?
    Will Hon Sarah return from the USA to “make mistakes” again?
    What about James Cook and the “documents I’ve seen”?


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