Update: UK Defence Minister cannot tell a frigate from a destroyer

Update: I’ve been corrected. Only 5 of the 6 destroyers are still being repaired.


In May 2022, the latest Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin spoke at the Combined Naval Event 2022 in Farnborough. He mentions our destroyers but not the fact that ALL are still in harbour. He said:

One need only look at our response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to see how frigates and destroyers are helping to shore up security in the eastern Mediterranean.


Someone should tell Mr Quin, that our destroyers cannot be shoring up anything other that the economy of Portsmouth because 5 of the 6 are still in port getting new engines that can cope with the warmer waters of, oh yes, the Eastern Mediterranean!

Worry not though, as they’ll be there by 2028 or 2029 at the latest: https://www.forces.net/news/all-six-royal-navy-destroyers-port-amid-tensions-russia

The UK PM is not expect to face any questions though Penny Mordaunt has offered to tell him the difference between a frigate and a destroyer.


8 thoughts on “Update: UK Defence Minister cannot tell a frigate from a destroyer

  1. Hi, I’m afraid this article is false, one of the destroyers was in the Mediterranean. Type 45 Destroyer HMS Diamond joined the NATO task group in the eastern Mediterranean at the time. I’m sure you’ll amend the article to reflect the error.


    1. Strange really considering it barely left port and is currently in the Channel port..chttps://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/details/4907763#:~:text=The%20current%20position%20of%20HMS,20%20hours%20ago%20by%20AIS.
      I do hope it hasn’t broken down again…


        1. Indeed I did not notice, it departed at the end of February I understand…
          I cannot help but wonder however what the upgrade costs were given the media furore over the additional costs to two ferries in Scotland..


  2. “The warships, equipped with guided missiles have been plagued by engine issues since they were launched, with vessels now undergoing a power improvement project (PIP).”

    Undergoing PIP assessments? I’m surprised the Tories didn’t given the job to DWP staff – the ships would have been told to get back to sea immediately…

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    1. For perspective, the decision to ‘ improve the performance ‘ was taken pre 2014, 8 yrs later we have one sort of working. The ferry ‘ fiasco ‘ kind of pales into insignificance in comparison to the destroyer fiasco, or the armoured infantry vehicles or indeed the many infrastructure projects in England overbudget and late.


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