Why does Sturgeon face a Ferry Feeding Frenzy in Scotland but no UK PM has had to face a Destroyer Delirium or a Carrier Craze?

So, six multibillion pound destroyers are stuck in harbour, billions over price and years late, and a massive aircraft carrier is back in for repairs again, as Russia accuses the UK of covert action against it in the Black Sea?

There have been three PMs involved with these MoD contracts – Cameron, May, Johnson. We can excuse the more recent temps.

I challenge you!

Find me a single news report linking, in any way, any UK PM or minister with any of these contractual catastrophes and I’ll post it.

In May 2022, the latest Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin spoke at the Combined Naval Event 2022 in Farnborough. He mentions our destroyers but not the fact that ALL are still in harbour. He said:

One need only look at our response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to see how frigates and destroyers are helping to shore up security in the eastern Mediterranean.




5 thoughts on “Why does Sturgeon face a Ferry Feeding Frenzy in Scotland but no UK PM has had to face a Destroyer Delirium or a Carrier Craze?

  1. Behave yourself John you would think that UK politics is played out on a level playing field. The Ukraine war, Cost of Living crisis, Mortgage crisis, Immigration problems, and a host of other more important public interest stories will be deferred so the English media can get their pound of flesh. Not only will we get minute by minute account of the Select Committee proceedings you can expect interviews over the next week with ‘starving’ Western Islanders and stories of empty shops, drop in tourists ,cancelled hotel bookings, distressed children unable to get to school, people missing hospital appointments and how their lives have been adversly impacted all because of the ferry delays. It is going to to be the highlight of the day for all Unionists to slaver over.

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  2. By contrast you can be assured we will NOT get any interviews with UCS workers thankful their jobs and skills have been saved after decades of decline under Unionist administrations and the thousands that have suffered from that.

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  3. It is how the media deals with these things.
    They know that a regular ferry user in on of the affected areas couldn’t care less about frigates or destroyers in Portsmouth, they do the same with benefit cheat stories, again, they play on the fact that someone will “know” someone locally “scrounging” but they rarely, if ever, go into detail about corporate welfare, fraud and tax evasion and avoidance.
    Please note, before anyone jumps on my comment, I despise this type of reporting, the type that is light on facts and is only there to whip up anger.
    Take a look at todays Scottish Daily Mail front page and The Scottish S*n YouTube Channel (if you can stomach it)

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  4. That pic of the FM with McColl was deliberately selected from thousands available to HMS James Cook for a singular reason, look over there wee wummin, that’s reality…
    Whether McColl had a fit of pique as his “claims” plan disintegrated against the Client may never be known, but as a long experienced project engineer I can see the game BBC James Cook (and Sarah Smith previously) has been playing – They are exploiting almost total public ignorance of how contracts are actually conducted and James McColl is party to this – The contract is between the Contractor and the Client, there are no other parties to that Contract.
    That SG attempted to exert political influence over contract award would have been challenged in Court by every single one of the competing Tenderers at the slightest sniff of interference to recover at least the cost of assembling the cost of their tender, yet none sued.

    Is it not strange that the successful bidder is the ONLY one pursuing this nonsense after being dethroned with the exception of James Cook, the latter being the only man in the entire UK with the capability to read non-existent emails.


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