Should officials collude with journalists to continually harass man not charged with any offence?

You can see above, the indignation of a tabloid journalist denied blood. A highly-qualified and experienced senior civil servant and a politician well-known for her principles, act in the interests of all of their colleagues in the building yet accused of ‘collusion‘ with a ‘shamed‘ former MSP and minister.

Oooh, remind me. What did he do again?

On 5 February 2020, the Scottish Sun alerted the office of Nicola Sturgeon about a story they were planning to run revealing Mackay had sent a 16-year-old boy messages via Facebook and Instagram in which he described the boy as “cute” and offered to meet up with the boy in person. The paper told the BBC they had been approached by the boy’s mother who had become aware of the messages in the week prior.

On 6 February, Mackay resigned hours before the Scottish budget was due to be announced. Sturgeon announced he had been suspended from the SNP and she had accepted his resignation, recognising his “significant contribution to government” but admitting his behaviour “failed to meet the standards required”. 

On 8 February, Police Scotland said that it had spoken to the schoolboy and that while it had not “received any complaint of criminality”, it was “assessing available information”. It subsequently announced that it had reviewed the case and that Mackay would not face any charges, as no laws had been broken, with 16 being the age of consent in Scotland.

So, no actual spoken or physical contact. No stalking. No actual complaint by the 16 year-old who, of course, had there been any such contact, might just have told him to eff off?

Not quite Jimmy Saville? Not even like one of the several groping Tory MSPs and MPS? Not really shameful to my mind. More being an eejit? Maybe even vulnerable?

Is the reporting a bit homophobic too?

4 thoughts on “Should officials collude with journalists to continually harass man not charged with any offence?

  1. In case no one has realised it as yet, we, the Scottish Independence supporters, are fair game for a corrupt British Establishment, aided and abetted by an equally corrupt media, led of course by the B.B.C. It doesn’t matter to them that a story has either none, or very little basis in fact. That is immaterial to them. The headline is out there, and as we all know that is what is important, as only a few will read the whole article, although that might not help them much as the lies will no doubt be peppered liberally throughout whatever has been written. Something we will just have to live with I’m afraid, and despite the fact that the M.S.M influence is on the wane, they will continue to be a major obstacle to us gaining our independence.

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  2. However foolish or naïve Mackay was, he knew full well MSM were about to turn it into a circus which might affect SG were he to remain in post, hence his resignation, and crucially no further action was taken after a police investigation.

    That Andrew Leermuch seeks to resurrect the Mackay story by criticising officials affording him a degree of privacy from the media hyenas, when Leermuch and colleagues “colluded” to make the original story very much greater than it was, is hypocrisy on stilts.

    Mackay may well have been “shamed”, but it is as nothing to the shame the media brought on itself, Andrew included.


  3. Let the unionist without sin cast the first stone !
    Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill !
    Don’t kick a man when he is down !

    F*ck that ! This is an opportunity to blame independence supporters and the SG and Nicola Sturgeon whether they are responsible for anything or not .
    Bring on Baillie and DRoss with their holier-than-thou faces fixed on for the cameras .


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