Scottish Health Board praised?

Front page in the Herald, ahead of the Battle of Westminster, NHS Lanarkshire has ordered an investigation into the deaths of 2 babies. Good? That’s what they should be doing?

It’d be more of a story if they hadn’t and the Herald had found out that they hadn’t, like this:

It has been five years in the making. The independent inquiry into the largest maternity scandal in the history of the NHS began with one grieving mother looking for answers and ended up involving 1,486 families and 1,592 clinical incidents. The deeply distressing story of Shrewsbury and Telford hospital NHS trust, where hundreds of babies needlessly died or suffered life-changing injuries, is well known. Even so, when the final 234-page report by Donna Ockenden was published at 10am on Wednesday, the details shocked many of those reading it.,-This%20article%20is&text=It%20has%20been%20five%20years,families%20and%201%2C592%20clinical%20incidents.

That’s a headline story, isn’t it? Shrewsbury and Telford hospital NHS trust didn’t probe themselves. It was only as the numbers became screamingly high that Jeremy Hunt commissioned an independent inquiry. He was never criticised. Watch what happens here as our MSM platforms Anas Sarwar to blame the SNP for underfunding these Scottish hospitals.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Health Board praised?

  1. Health Board versus Hospital Trust !
    Maybe that is one reason for the disparity in investigating fatalities , poor service , long waiting times for ops , A & E problems etc…


  2. I hear that a baby died in Carlisle and, since it is near Scotland, Scottish Labour is to ask urgent questions – were pigeons seen to defecate near the hospital? Had these pigeons roosted previously at the QEUH? Why does Humza Yusaf not just fuck off when we say?


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