BBC Wales: Mother of a ‘lifeless’ child waiting hours for an ambulance praises First Minister!

Mark Drakeford First Minister of wales impresses a traumatised mother

From BBC Wales today:

A mother has spoken of her horror after being told she would have to wait hours for an ambulance after her son became “lifeless” on the way to A&E.

Georgia Faith Johnson called 999 when Tobias, aged two, had a seizure at their Cardiff home, but was told it was an eight hour wait.

As she tried to get to A&E he went “floppy”, but was told to monitor him at the side of the road.

The Welsh Ambulance Service said it was under extreme pressure.

Any comments from politicians? None, just this:

A row in the Senedd went viral this week between First Minister Mark Drakeford and Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies when the latter attacked the first minister over ambulance waiting times.

The first minister hit back, saying it was partly the Conservatives’ fault for making a mess of the UK’s budget and reputation.

Georgia said she was “reassured” by how strongly Mr Drakeford feels about the matter of ambulance waiting times, and that she could relate to his frustration.

So a traumatised mother is reassured by a Labour politician blaming an opposition politician for a responsibility held fully by his government and gets away with it.

Here’s what happened in Scotland, 2 days ago:

A record number of hospital patients waited more than eight hours to be seen at Scotland’s A&E units, according to new figures.

Statistics for the week ending 9 October showed 3,553 patients spent more than eight hours in an emergency department.

Opposition parties condemned the report, which also revealed 1,506 waited more than 12 hours.

Opposition parties condemned the report? I bet they did. Here’s how much BBC Scotland platformed that:

‘Shocking figures’

Scottish Conservative public health spokeswoman Tess White said: “On Humza Yousaf’s watch, Scotland’s shameful A&E waiting times are only getting worse.

“The latest shocking figures show the highest ever number of people who had to wait over eight hours, and another week where over 1,500 patients waited over half a day in our emergency departments.

“This is nothing short of a scandal.”

Ms White also warned A&E departments risked being “overwhelmed” this winter and described the Scottish government’s recent winter plan as “wafer-thin.”

The eight-hour figure compares to 3,427 in the week ending 2 October, while the 12-hour figure was four patients less than the previous seven-day period.

Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said the statistics amounted to a “humanitarian crisis in our A&E departments”.

She added: “That we are now seeing more people waiting over eight hours for treatment than ever before is a deadly portent of the coming winter.

“Despite the crisis in A&E, the health secretary has gone AWOL and only appears to provide commentary on more disarray this winter due to his inaction.

“Staff are working tirelessly, but they are being left high and dry by this failed health secretary.”

Labour highlighted the situation in NHS Forth Valley as the most challenging in the county as only 39.7% of attendees were seen within four hours.

That’ll be ‘balance’ I suppose.


5 thoughts on “BBC Wales: Mother of a ‘lifeless’ child waiting hours for an ambulance praises First Minister!

  1. As observed earlier, the Welsh people are not assaulted regularly by opposition politicians attempts via a complicit media to smear the incumbent Welsh administration.
    The Welsh electorate know the FM, Health Minister, Health Boards and Ambulance Service are doing their level best despite struggling with Westminster imposed cuts, they know where the blame lies, the Tories.

    Despite it’s hostile media and political opposition, the same is largely true of Scotland’s public, not that it matters a damn to the propaganda-mongers.

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  2. When was the last time any Scottish ( sic ) unionist party spokesperson or the Scottish media praised the Scottish NHS .
    By constantly blaming the Health Minister they are indirectly tarring the Health Service and all who work therein .
    Do they not have the intelligence to see this – or are they just so blinded by prejudice against the SNP that nothing else matters ?

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    1. Yes, it’s prejudice. If they praise the SNHS, that would indicate the Scottish government are doing something right, and that would be doing wrong to the British nationalists at Holyrood and Westminster.

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    2. Unionist politicians are not working for the benefit of the people in Scotland, but following orders from their masters in London. None of the Unionist politicians has done anything positive for Scotland – it’s just a constant drip feed of bile, venom and hatred for the SNP, supported by our detestable media. Stephen Kerr tweets anti-SNP / anti-Nicola propaganda about 15 times a day – they don’t appear to have anything better to do.


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