The Times Scotland?

The Times (Scotland) front page with 3 UK stories and 1 about NHS England left hanging to suggest things are wrong in NHS Scotland too.

There is no maternity scandal in Scotland. There are several in NHS England:

Tragically, many of these issues remain a persistent problem in maternity services across England. Shrewsbury is not alone. Morecambe Bay, East Kent and Nottingham hospitals have all had poor maternity care exposed in recent years. Naturally, this prompts the question of what needs to change if these scandals are to be avoided elsewhere.,-This%20article%20is&text=It%20has%20been%20five%20years,families%20and%201%2C592%20clinical%20incidents.

No English health secretaries have faced calls to resign.

The best or worst that the Scottish MSM have come up with is some Moray mothers having to travel to Aberdeen.


2 thoughts on “The Times Scotland?

  1. ”No English Health Secretaries have faced calls to resign ”-
    to be fair , John , there may not be any left given the destruction wreaked by Truss in the UK Government !

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    1. Indeed. The consequences of Tory destruction of, well everything they touch really, is the burden of the people, the Tories will survive, they are going nowhere and will all be well fed and kept warm on the backs of the people they are meant to represent. Unlike the FM of Scotland, the English parties do not look after the wellbeing of ‘all’ of the people, just the ones who bung ¬£billions into their bank accounts and a few who vote for them.


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