Scottish Labour trailing UK Labour by 26%

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In the Herald today:

Labour opens up biggest poll lead since 1997: Labour have opened up a 36 point lead in one opinion poll, as reaction to the Conservative crisis continues.

When you look deeper for the Scottish sub-poll figures, ignored by the Herald, you find once more Scottish Labour trailing far behind the UK Labour figure of 56% at only 30%:

This is not a one-off. In poll after poll, the Scottish Labour support, in the Scottish sup-polls of around 120, is averaging 26% having taken 6 to 8% off the Tory vote and perhaps 1 or 2% from the SNP but they remain secure at 44-48%.

In terms of full Scottish polls, on 4 October, YouGov had Labour at 30% and Savanta ComRes had them at 26%. At the same time, UK Polls had Labour at between 48% and 52%!

Scottish Labour is going nowhere.


3 thoughts on “Scottish Labour trailing UK Labour by 26%

  1. Re.Labour is going nowhere
    They cannot possibly go anywhere in Scotland as they not only are stuck but
    Sinking in the Quick Sands of their ” Branch Office Status ”
    And only the harness of The inaliable right of Self Determination can possibly
    Rescue them

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  2. Scottish ( sic ) Labour are a dangerous distraction . They pretend that if a Labour Government is installed at Westminster then all will be right with the world .
    They fail to acknowledge that , as night follows day , the Tories will be back – and as bad as ever for Scotland ( not that Labour will necessarily be any better ! )

    Westminster Government is the REAL danger to Scotland , regardless of whether Blue or Red Tories are pulling the strings !

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