Labour betray us all by abstaining on SNP amendment to save lives in cost-of-energy crisis

The votes yesterday on the SNP Clause 18 to amend the Rees-Mogg-sponsored Energy Prices Bill.

Here’s the story:

The SNP sought to amend the Energy Prices Bill, which puts in law the support package and was fast-tracked through the Commons, to require ministers to set out to Parliament the full details on the different scenarios from April within 28 days of it receiving royal assent.

SNP energy spokesman Alan Brown cited previous comments from Prime Minister Liz Truss as he warned Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg the average household energy bill will rise from an average of GBP2,500 per year to GBP6,000 per year from April if no further support arrives.

He said: “That is unsustainable and that is why we moved new clause 18, as it’s a real imperative that the government comes back with a support package with some clear analysis that shows they understand the gravity of the situation.”

The SNP’s amendment was rejected by 61 votes to 304, majority 243.

You’ll have noticed the lack of red in the above bar chart. Labour abstained because…?

Well, they won’t support an SNP amendment and …. they don’t really give a, about the poor.

How did the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Ian Murray, vote? For the people in his constituency? Nope, sat on his hands.

Note also that the Lib Dems, the Green, the Alba Two and even the DUP, voted with the SNP but not Labour. Scottish voters pay heed.


6 thoughts on “Labour betray us all by abstaining on SNP amendment to save lives in cost-of-energy crisis

  1. Same old , same old – as the Americans would say !
    This is NOT the first time ( nor the last ) that Labour have betrayed their own supporters ( and everyone with a conscience ) when asked to vote against the latest Tory attack on the poor .
    They are like that old advert – ” It does what it says on the tin !”- Red Tories !


  2. John

    I like to share your blogs as often as I can but the only options are Facebook or twitter

    I’m sure a lot of like minded business folk on LinkedIn would welcome your posts so is there any chance of an option to share on LinkedIn becoming available?

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