With a ‘Wellbeing’ approach, stunning 83% of younger women would vote for Scottish independence

The Panelbase/Business for Scotland poll has already had a lot of publicity but some of the detail is fascinating and useful knowledge for the subsequent campaign.

Based on 1 017 Scots from 16 years-up, with fieldwork on 5-7 October 2022, those likely to vote, when asked:

If the Scottish Government put a Wellbeing approach at the heart of its economic plans for independence (a plan that recognised that quality of life, equality, fairness, sustainability, happiness, and health are all outcomes that should be given equal weight to economic growth), whilst committing to increase the state pension from £141.85 to £225.00 per week in an independent Scotland – how would you vote in a Scottish independence referendum?

61% said Yes.

Look now at the breakdown. Only women over 55 recorded a majority for No (52%) while 72% of younger men (16-34) and a stunning 83% of younger women, said Yes.

Among the middle-aged (35-54), 55% of men and an equally impressive 67% of women said Yes.

The message for campaigning is clear. We must

  1. Target the young, and middle-aged women, with a view to getting them out on the day.
  2. Target the older males and push the pension case.
  3. Get this Wellbeing message out, everywhere, kept simple and short.
  4. Push hard on pensions size and security.

The results also point to very strong support from Remainers, so in combination with the above, gather and push the evidence of our certain smooth path to re-joining.


4 thoughts on “With a ‘Wellbeing’ approach, stunning 83% of younger women would vote for Scottish independence

    1. Yes, we are seeing a media pile-on, but only to a relatively small degree on Ms Truss. The right wing press have decided she is done for and are keen to underplay conflict within the Tories. The pile-on, is, as usual on the SG, with Labour in Scotland taking the lead – SNP are worse than the Tories. The BBC Scotland report on the most recent SG paper was lukewarm at best.

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  1. The Tories front men in Scotland (Labour) have two options:
    Come up with a b/s story about being Better Together,although we have heard that before, or make it difficult/impossible for these young women to vote.
    They will need their Tory pals to do the second one for them.


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