Scotland meets 123% of its own demand and 32% of UK demand from renewable electricity

Today BBC Scotland, reports:

Scotland generates record amount of renewable electricity

They tell us how much – “7,358 gigawatt hours (GWh)” – was produced in just April, May and June 2022, but don’t tell us what percentage of total demand was met by that 3 month figure.

Back in 2020, they told us:

Renewables met 97% of Scotland’s electricity demand in 2020

As you can see they did tell us the percentage of demand met over the whole year but didn’t mention how many GWh. For the same 2nd quarter in 2020, it was:

5 789 GWh

Now what percentage of Scotland’s demands is that? If 5 789 GWh did 97% then 7 358 GWh did 123.29% of Scotland’s demand.

UK demand? If as the above report suggests, 5.789 GWh met 25% of UK demand, then 7 358 GWh met 31.77% of UK demand.

While reading the data, I wondered what the quarter 1 figures were – 11 210GWh! Do the math?


29 thoughts on “Scotland meets 123% of its own demand and 32% of UK demand from renewable electricity

  1. I’m not so sure about that extrapolation John, demand and production vary significantly over time, rendering comparisons highly unreliable.

    What is beyond question is Scotland is now largely if not fully self-sufficient in power generation from renewables and will soon be heavily into surplus across the year.
    What is also beyond question is that we have a Tory created energy crisis on our hands in which Scottish consumers are penalised for the privilege of hosting it’s production in order that English consumers (see voters) can enjoy cut-price power.

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      1. Of course it varies – Does the wind blow in the same place on your favoured beach at the same speed on the same day at the same hour of every day of every year, the tides match and the number of people enjoying the weather are the same ?
        The differences may be small across a range of catchments, furling the blades when it gets to a hoolie is as much a variable as when half a million switch on their kettles, unlike “hell freezing over” visiting Chez Dross demanding he quit which I believe is known locally as “Groundhog every f’n day”.

        There is always a wind blowing somewhere across Scotland, even if Holyrood believes Juan is the culprit due to the smell or the greasy spots are Gulhane’s hair-gel…


          1. One thing we know for certain that twice daily and accurate to a billionth of a second that the tide shall turn for ever and a day
            And that is what makes the tidal forces that surround Scotland and its 8000 miles of coastlines so lucrative as we have by far some of the most acceptable and strongest tidal areas in the world
            Literally ridiculous cheap energy for ever and virtually no CO2 produced in harnessing it
            This is NOT a fools paradise

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            1. I don’t have any expertise in renewable energy
              Just asking
              So many people present information as if it’s fact when it’s unverified opinion
              It’s better to collect information from people , like yourself in this case , who have actual expertise in the conversation subject

              I read an article recently that said the renewables energy companies were actually paid millions £ as compensation when they turned off their wind farms because of no or low wind i nearly fell off my chair reading it , so we not only pay over the odds for energy we send to England for free that they then send back to us but we also pay the renewables companies for periods of time when they are not supplying any energy at all.

              This is what happens when you give powers and responsibility for the running of your country to another country , ludicrous


              1. thadochasann
                With the giving of power
                In reality tis the giver who takes such back whether
                Those in receipt of object or not
                Simple as that
                Such belongs to us and have none tell you otherwise
                This is not state of attitude but one of irrefutable fact


              2. On the subject of power units being shut down and still being paid, I’m afraid that is essentially how the UK energy market works
                IIRC 2 government agencies linked to the Treasury are involved – Long term contracts are drawn up between generators and these agencies (essentially HMG) guaranteeing a fixed income whether called upon to supply on the day or not – It makes total sense if you want backup supplies.
                Where it gets slightly more curious is that any difference between an agreed price and the rate on the day flows back back to the Treasury when they are producing, so a sort of financial balance is maintained in normal times
                – BUT these are not normal times…
                With long term contracts at fixed rates and escalating energy prices, I suspect but cannot prove that the Treasury is awash with revenue whilst Minsters plead poverty – Who takes the blame ? Energy producers…
                What is happening in the UK on energy stinks…


    1. I recall one expert in fracking who highlighted the ideal geology for it was in the home counties, NIMBY country where even wind generators are banned.
      A further observation was that likely yields were so small as to render such a project uneconomic, so there is something distinctly fishy about the Tories promoting this.

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    2. Fracking is banned in Scotland, for now, until the EngGov use their made up laws to remove that power from the ScotGov.
      If you look at Scotland’s geological make-up, (it’s diverse, with lots of ‘faults’) fracking would be an utter disaster. It would cause earthquakes and pollute Scotland’s rivers and lochs, while poisoning Scotland’s publicly owned drinking water. A perfect situation for the English government, I bet they hate being held back right now.
      Only independence will secure Scotland’s integrity in energy, renewables, clinate targets, and reducing emissions, otherwise, the country will be the dirty polluting chimney of England, held in contempt across the globe while the EngGov/cabal celebrate. The EngGov are literaly doing the opposite to what is required to combat runaway climate change. Scotland is held captive and at the mercy of such backward, destructive and planet destroying rich and powerful at WM, it’s really scary, especially for future generations and the future of our country.

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  2. The Anglo establishment and it’s representatives here in Scotland,politicians and media alike,continue to insist that Scotland needs nuclear power stations,fracking and anything else required in England to keep the lights on.
    This does not stem from any real need in Scotland for these expensive and polluting solutions to a mythical problem but from the political need to present the UK as one state,one people.
    Absolutely essential that Scotland gains control over it’s energy policy if we are to keep Scots’ bills down in future.

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    1. Indeed – and highlights the idiocy of Truss’s demand to Ian Blackford yesterday that Scotland build nuclear power stations to mitigate the CURRENT energy crisis !

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      1. “and highlights the idiocy of Truss’s demand to Ian Blackford yesterday that Scotland build nuclear power stations to mitigate the CURRENT energy crisis !”
        It’s the same nonsense as their new oil and gas licences, justified NOW with potentially being on-line in a decade – And none in the media pull them up on it.

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  3. What is going completely under the radar recently
    Is the Tory proposal to cap
    Renenewable energy producers prices
    No one has spotted what they are upto with this.
    Firstly the proposal comes from the most ardent free marketeers and this is akin to them consuming their own vomit
    This then begs the Question why
    It is not a tax upon renewable producers, but severely limiting their profits leading to a reluctance to invest further
    But more importantly deter new developments as
    This will be viewed as that the government can intervene at any time and seriously impact your fiscal returns from your investments
    The most important factor for investors is stability
    And this is far from stability
    So this is deliberate to Spook them and curtail their investments in Scottish renewables
    So this begs more questions as most definately it is not for economic reasons
    So again why
    Easy peasy
    Scotland when you add in Tidal energy has 50% of all
    European NEEDS not wants of such energy
    And when your Return on Investment reached which in this instance is 2 to 3 yrs
    Every Kwh you produce costs no more than £ 0.03
    But current market price is
    £ 0.50 +
    From this you then see the massive wealth to be gained
    This is way far in excess of what North sea oil produced, a fool can see this, oil runs out, renewable energy does not
    In fact it only becomes more and more efficient as technology develops
    So given that Westminster knows full well that we Scots are fully alert to pillage and plunder of our natural resources
    Which in turn leads to Westminster being truly caught in a catch 22 position
    Dammed if they develop Scotland,s renewable potential
    Dammed if they do not
    Therefore their proposal to
    Cap the price is their best possible bet
    By appealing to voters by way of reducing energy bills
    Thwarting Scotland,s future by tightening the chains that the hold and bind us
    All this is far worse than what they done to and with oil revenues
    It is way beyond time now for all in the Indy camp to remain polite,timorous and silent any longer
    As a matter of urgency garner the experts to produce a no punch pulled
    Report on the massive game changing economic and societal benefits that would flow in abundance from our potential and natural renewable resources
    Big big big clue in all this
    Think Oil look at Norway now
    And how many Wars oil has
    The smart intelligent behind the scenes in Westminster all too well know of what I speak and that is exactly why they are about to trash our huge potential by the most simple of tricks
    They are Bankrupt without us and this is a pain free vote winning strategy for them
    Do you honestly believe Sir
    Keith and The Labour Party proposal to set up a Great British Energy Company not tied into all this
    We are being outsmarted upon the Chess board
    Bloody wake up NOW

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      1. Artyhetty
        You are falling into the trap
        Westminster has set
        They are rather quickly adjusting the agenda to make voters think it is a windfall tax
        All whilst in reality they are imposing a limit on what renewable energy companies are paid for feeding into the grid NOT you the consumer
        Your supplier buys all their energy via the grid, this will also at a stroke add a fortune to the profits they currently making because the price they charge you is based on the gas price
        Wake up Wake up

        Big massive clue did Westminster ever thwart N.Sea oil when it was 1st discovered
        No no no
        They let the market oil dogs loose all so they could plunder it as fast and furious all along as Big Oil
        Was kept happy


    1. Thanks, ‘premieroneuk’, for your very interesting article and I, hope that more of us notice and actively react to this topic; after all, our so-called politicians behave as if we ARE the final London-governed colony… Instead of behaving like the Soveiryn Scots that we all are… You’re right about what’s going completely under the radar recently.

      Thanks again,



      1. Thanks
        I always try to think like Eastern philosophy does
        Especially China who for over 2000 yrs state that it is vital you know not only yourself but your foes and right down to the last detail
        Today China treats Geo Political matters as a game of chess and will study most carefully every move you make and there consequent effects upon the other game players
        Carefully notation of any errors and analyse very fastidiously all in order to formulate their own next move upon the chess board but not before due diligence of how their opponents will react to the effects of the move China made
        I try to apply the exact same principles to our Arch enemy Westminster
        Study their 1000 yr history and you very soon come to realise how they operate
        And that is how i know exactly what the Tory and Labour party moves are on the energy chess board are and that in main to plunder and pillage our renewable sources but cleverly thwart the massive potential
        Ah but when shaving always be mindful that the razor may just slip
        And slit your throat
        Westminster is now shaving, the trick now is to make their hands tremor

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        1. Thanks for this reply and you’re accurately linking their political moves etc. to what I feel myself – I’m an ex-chess addict – however, many of the ‘political-chess’ players behave as if they’re addicted to something apart from regaining Scotland’s independence!? Anyway, thanks again for your reply, Ewen


          1. Ewen
            The Emperor who united the 6 provinces of China wrote the Art Of Warfare
            And there are 4 golden rules to ensure you prevail no matter how strong your foe is or how weak you are yourself
            It is the one who applies the 4 rules with resolve that shall win
            These rules are
            1. Know thy foe to the tiniest detail but you must also know thyself
            2.Take them on only when it suits you, never when they want, even if you run away but only to fight another day
            3.Engage only at a location of your choosing Never ever one of theirs, if you do then it is merely to lead them to ground of your choosing only
            4.Only ever engage in a manner entirely of your choice never ever their way
            Unless it is a ruse to fooling them into running full frontal into what and the way you deploy
            History clearly demonstrates
            Such is irrefutable
            And a few examples are how little David smashed Goliath
            Ireland although they were not fully aware of these golden rules.but James Connolly after the GPO easter rising inadvertently applied them taking their freedom struggle forward
            General Giap studied how Ireland defeated the most powerful empire ever known and then applied what he learned thereby succeeding in kicking the French out of Vietnam
            Only to apply the same against the stupidity of America which ended in ignominious defeat for the USA
            Bruce at Bannockburn knowingly or not applied the 4 golden rules and we all know the result of that despite the massive odds against success
            Bruce prepared for years, training and recruiting a small but very expierenced and equipped army, bid his time
            Then forced Edward 2nd to come to Stirling at a time of Bruce,s choice
            Blocked the main old Romans road to Stirling castle, which
            Edward thought he could easily break
            But upon failure to do so he switched his Army to Bannockburn
            Big Big Big mistake as only 1 way out was the steep banks of the Burn at his back
            Then the over confident fool Edward thinking his far superior forces and in particular his heavy calvary
            Ordered them to full charge the Scottish lines
            Another massive big mistake
            As the horses ran into a well trained , disciplined and 3 line of Scottish Chiltern of long pointed wooden stakes
            The English calvary after running full bore into this had no choice but to retreat to their own front line
            Bruce had the savvy to immediately order the Chiltern troops fwd. Knowing that there was now complete disarray in the English camp, their archers unable to loose their arrows as such would inflict serious damage to their own retreating calvary
            The English were now hopelessly pinned in with the only possible escape being across and up over the slippy steep slopes of the Burn
            All over and done with in less that half a hour
            A classic example of how to take on and rout superior forces
            Apply this thinking in our struggle for Indy against Westminster
            A Master tactician is required in how to apply the 4 golden rules in dealing with Westminster but importantly in a albeit peaceful struggle but one of the highest importance


      2. artyhetty
        You are 100 % correct in your assessments regarding the faults in Scotland,s geological faults
        My father was both a shale oil and coal miner
        And as a youngster i would avidly listen to the miners discussions
        One that sticks in my mind was from the Kinneil colleiry in Bo,ness , who was the pits geologist whilst the miners were driving 2 new shafts in order to access a massive new seam of coal under the Forth
        He stated that such was all a complete waste of money as the whole project was dependant on introduction of new technology and huge coal cutting machinery
        Saying that he had experience all over the world in many types of mining and that this mine had far too many geological faults which would entail the machinery sooner that later encountering such
        Faults thereby leading to
        Temp.halt of production and driving of new shafts then moving the machinery to new coal face and then encountering soon after
        Another major fault
        He predicted that not one shovel of coal would come out these new shafts
        And such proved 100 % correct
        He also stated that to his knowledge that most of the Scottish coalfields were similar and at the time he was stating such.
        The oil shock price was impacting and there was serious talk of re opening of the W.Lothian shale mines which he dismissed on 2 ground’s
        1. of which was the geological faults but more importantly that it be impossible to recruit
        Miners to work in such
        Horrendous conditions
        Again he was proved correct
        Ah but the Tories are on record as saying ” F**k the Experts “


    2. IIRC the contracts with these companies to HMG’s energy management offshoot are fixed price contracts where the loss is covered by the Treasury, but any excess is also returned to the Treasury, hence HMG’s reluctance to address windfall taxes lest the stitch-up on consumers be revealed, and the public face of pleading poverty by the Exchequer be revealed as a sham ?
      Tell me I’m wrong…

      I agree with the rest off your synopsis, much as the consistent fending off public energy conservation measures to keep energy companies and themselves in “business”.
      They will crush further alternative energy developments if they can, merely to avoid upsetting the status-quo – Bugger the environmental damage or the punitive effects on the populace, profit is all that matters to them.

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  4. To back up my
    Nomura one of the Worlds
    Leading foreign exchange advisors and traders has just announced their future prediction regards Sterling
    And it is not pretty
    They say £ will fall to $ 0.93
    And advising their clients to position themselves accordingly
    If correct UK will be declared bankrupt and have to deal with the terrible consequences that
    Shall amplify in a expidential manner
    In short Nomura are saying
    Get out of UK fast
    Will we Scot,s ?


    1. Gerry
      It proved a major problem over the years to calculate with a high irrefutable degree of accuracy as to much Westminster plundered from India
      A dedicated team along with advanced computing and algorithms finally worked out that during colonisation of India that Westminster manage in todays money plundered
      Yes $ 64,000,000,000,000
      That is Trillion
      Not million or billion but Trillion
      To date none has challenged this astronomical sum


  5. There is nothing thing to frack in Scotland. Finished in 1960s. Scotland is covered in coal. CCS. Scotland was r efused, reneged upon funds for CCS projects. Longannet in Fife and Peterhead. Scotland has the NStechnology.


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