NHS Scotland emergency services 14% better than NHS England

On the left, John Cruddas, Labour MP in the worst-performing hospital trust in the UK

In September, NHS England’s A&E departments saw only 56.9% of patients in 4 hours. In Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, only 31.8% were seen in 4 hours. This is third-world performance.

The September monthly figure for NHS Scotland has not been published yet but, from the weekly data, it is 65% seen within 4 hours. No Scottish board fell below 55%.

65% is 14.23% better than 56.9%. 14% is a significant difference. Several someones are doing something better.




4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland emergency services 14% better than NHS England

  1. This won’t be reported widely in Scotland.
    If NHS Scotland had a 100% record in some obscure never reported statistic XYZ and dropped to 99% there would be headlines saying NHS Scotland reveals its worst performance since records began in XYZ.

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  2. Labour UK and their staff minions in Scotland are determined to destroy Scotland’s services using their compliant media with their lies and distraction from the really serious, dangerous disaster capitalists in power at Westminster. To see pathetic K. Starmer and his sofly softly half hearted faux attempt at saying how the Tories are not very nice and doing nasty things, is just downright scary because it means that England is a one party state. Brexiter Labour party are an utter disgrace to those who were actually socialists in the party, in days gone by.

    As for Labour and dignity, they didn’t allow the people of Scotland any dignity with their disregard and neglect of the poor, disabled, unemployed and disempowered. They neglected Scotland’s people in their ten whole years at Holyrood and they’d do the same again. England HQ’d Labour are a fake socialist party, that’s the scary and sad situation, and Scotland needs to reject their faux ‘dignity’ and faux concern for those less well off, at every opportunity.

    I bet that lot in the picture there aren’t lighting tealights to try to keep warm right now.


  3. Those of us that still listen to or read its news output know that any negative comment on NHS Scotland or the Scottish Government coming from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) gets amplified by BBC Scotland.

    RCEM comments on NHS England or the Westminster government don’t get the same amplification from the BBC in England. And we in Scotland certainly don’t get coverage of RCEM comments about NHS England to help put the state of NHS Scotland in perspective.

    Today (13 October) the RCEM commented on the latest A&E performance statistics for NHS England. Here are some telling extracts (with my emphasis):

    See https://rcem.ac.uk/bolster-the-social-care-workforce-to-mitigate-crisis-in-urgent-and-emergency-care-rcem-urges-government/

    “The GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO WAKE UP; the Urgent and Emergency Care system is under severe strain across the country. Multiple critical incidents have been reported at different sites with more patients facing longer waits. We know long waits are associated with harm and even death. Staff are going above and beyond to ensure they are mitigating this harm and continue to deliver effective care.

    “Emergency Departments are full because staff are unable to admit patients to a bed. A large number of beds are filled by patients who are medically fit to be discharged but are UNABLE TO BE DISCHARGED DUE TO THE LACK OF SOCIAL CARE SUPPORT. We welcome the reports of a 24-hour target for discharge, but you cannot do more with less. Bolstering the social care workforce is the singularly most urgent short-term action to help with discharges and to improve flow throughout hospitals.

    “The reality as we head into winter is we have RECORD NUMBERS OF 12-HOUR DTA (from decision to admit to admission) waits monthly, a NEW RECORD LOW FOR PATIENTS SEEN WITHIN FOUR-HOURS, RECORD NUMBERS OF PATIENTS ON WAITING LISTS, large numbers of patients ready for discharge from hospital, and a SHORTFALL OF 13,000 NHS BEDS AND OVER 130,000 NHS STAFF. (My emphasis)

    “The GOVERNMENT MUST FACE UP TO THIS REALITY and recognise that THE SYSTEM IS FAILING patients and demands action. In the medium- to long-term, the government must deliver the fully-funded long-term NHS workforce plan that they pledged to deliver and open 13,000 beds to drive meaningful change.”

    So the Tory government in Westminster needs ‘solutions’. Who they gonna call? Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP of course ….?

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