Rent freeze is not causing the accommodation problems as landlords fail to sell

Back in September 2022, BBC Scotland was broadcasting on behalf of the landlords to undermine the SNP rent freeze plan. Notice the lack of inverted commas around ‘headline-grabbing ploy?’

At the time, the Guardian had a better perspective:

Selling up and raising rents: how landlords are cashing in and exacerbating the cost of living crisis

So how big is the sell-up?

Timothy Douglas, Propertymark’s Head of Policy and Campaigns, has  given evidence to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee of the Scottish Parliament warning of the impact of proposed legislation to limit rent increases and evictions on the supply of private rented property in Scotland. While recognising the difficult economic climate, he told the Holyrood committee that Propertymark’s member agents have already seen a decline in the number of homes available for rent because of rising costs levied on their landlords and warned any form of rent control in the short and longer-term will mean more landlords selling up, resulting in even fewer and rental homes available.

Strong words but not backed up by numbers, when he then notes:

The data from one of our largest member agencies who manage just over 3,000 tenancies across Scotland shows in 2021 they issued 16 notices for arrears but 66 for landlords selling and in 2022, up until September, there were 18 for arrears and 69 for selling. Landlord selling notices are up from 33 in 2020. All roads lead back to supply and selling is one of the exemptions proposed in the legislation.

So, up from 16 to 18 for arrears notices between September 2021 and 2022 and from 66 to 69 for landlords selling. Doesn’t look a big shift to me. How many landlords are there in Scotland?

240 854

So, up from 0.0275% to 0.0287% selling up?

Maybe the increased student demand is because of greedy University managers. They recruited 25 600 extra last year.

So, things were probably tight before further increases this year. I can’t see the latest figures but this from Glasgow University staff is telling:

University of Glasgow blasted over ‘unsustainable increases in student numbers’ and accommodation issues

How is the selling going?

A third of Scottish landlords evicting tenants to sell up fail to make a sale

Hell mend them.


4 thoughts on “Rent freeze is not causing the accommodation problems as landlords fail to sell

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    England is reporting a severe shortage of blood.

    Count Vlad Rees-Mogg was spotted skulking round the blood bank.
    It is rumoured he may be one of the detested Undead.

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  2. BBC Scotland were in such a rush to defend the poor landlords as well.

    And what about impoverished Lord Willie Haughey’s comments as lifted from the National a few days ago.

    “A millionaire Labour Lord has blamed the introduction of a rent freeze by the Scottish Government for his decision to put “on hold” a £1 billion housing project.

    Lord Willie Haughey had previously announced his intention to build 11,000 homes for “young hard-working families” in an attempt to help with the housing crisis.

    However Haughey stated that the houses would be for rental only because “the whole idea is that renting is better than having a mortgage – you can save equity in cash over the month rather than having bricks and mortar.”

    The homes were slated as being around 1200 square foot and costing £695 a month, and would be built over the next 10 years”

    So, Lord Willie, you delayed your 10 year project, plus expended project lead time and costs with inflation projected to hit 10%, because of a temporary Rent Freeze. Aye so you did. 🙂

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    1. Aye it was a ludicrous article in it’s entirety clearly intended as another Labour smear attempt.
      The rent/evictions freeze is of no relevance to new rental property becoming available.
      One curious aspect of his figures was the average property cost 90 odd thousand to complete, he could easily make a profit on that by selling affordable housing to eager buyers which would in turn increase available rentals.
      By renting the properties, Haughey’s scheme seeks to capitalise on the shortage not address it…

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