THREE TIMES as many spend more than 12 hours in English A&E departments

NHS England only publishes annual data on 12 hour waits in A&E. Emergency doctors in England have called for transparency on this.

NHS Scotland does them weekly and the Scottish Cons love to feast on them.

So, how do the Scottish 12 hour wait data compare with the same from NHS England? Well, thanks to Telegraph we can see:

In March 2022, 4 128 patients spent more than 12 hours in a Scottish A&E department.

England has 10 times the population so might be expected to have had 41 280 waiting for 12 hours but actually had 138 305, more than 3 times as many.

Shocking. What have UK Labour had to say about it? Nothing. The health boards are to blame, in England and Wales and in Northern Ireland.


4 thoughts on “THREE TIMES as many spend more than 12 hours in English A&E departments

  1. My maths may not be the best but surely if you are comparing England’s figure to Scotland’s figure, 138,305 is the one to use – which is nearer to 30 times as many as the Scottish 4128?
    You appear to have compared the ‘expected’ English figure to the actual English figure – is that what you meant to do?


  2. Will Sharon or Gulhane or Baillie be lobbying the Herald to provide details of the treatment required by all 1,510 and 1,039 patients without breaching confidentiality rules…
    No, thought not…

    As you rightly say “NHS Scotland does them weekly and the Scottish Cons love to feast on them”, as do Labour, and of course the Herald
    It’s a copy/paste exercise – For every rise there is a fall (you rarely hear of them), so Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie, etc get ca 26 “Dramatic rise…” headline pieces in which to contribute hyperbole such as “This is an NHS in deadly freefall” and “yet another week of disgraceful A&E stats”.
    Yet not once, even from medically qualified Gulhane, has there ever been an explanation of how ANY politician can influence the number and condition of patients arriving at A&E, any more than he can’t find a parking space.

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  3. NHS waiting times ( England ) –
    7 million on waiting lists – with 387,257 waiting more than a year !
    50,888 waiting more than 18 months !
    56.9 % seen at A+E within 4 hours – new low !
    Cancer/radiography failed to meet 7 of 8 targets .
    ( source : NHS England )

    Expect BBC to be aggressively questioning Tory English Health Secretary on News at 6 – just kidding !


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